Air Greenland and SAS enters a new and enhanced cooperation


It is with pleasure that we can announce that Air Greenland and SAS has entered a new and expanded cooperation. The agreement is an extension of the existing baggage cooperation and is part of Air Greenland's strategy to increase the availability of Greenland internationally and increase travel opportunities for our Greenlandic home market.

The agreement makes it again possible to combine a trip with Air Greenland to a trip with SAS on their European network, in one ticket.

Travel agents will be the first to benefit from this opportunity, but during 2013 also those of our customers who shop online, have the opportunity to book selected SAS destinations, such as Danish domestic destinations served by SAS, directly from our website.

When you buy a ticket that stretches across SAS and Air Greenland's network, you get the opportunity to check luggage through to the final destination and receive boarding passes all the way to the final destination across both networks. In addition, you’re ensured that SAS and Air Greenland jointly take care of passengers and baggage through to your final destination, when you buy the trip in one ticket.

The agreement is expected to be of great benefit to both our European travelers and especially for our common customers between Greenland and Danish domestic destinations.


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