A new and unspoilt town with a long history. Idyllic location near a magnificent fjord complex south of Aasiaat in West Greenland.



  • Greenland’s youngest town
  • South of Disko Bay
  • approx. 550 inhabitants
  • Kangaatsiaq was awarded town status in 1986
  • Four settlements

Invitation to the delights of the sea

If you don’t take advantage of the chance to get out on the water in Kangaatsiaq, then in all honesty where else would you? The colossal fjord system provides an open invitation to sail in a canoe or kayak between islands and into coves and bays. You can also go ashore and enjoy the sight of reindeer, foxes, hares and various species of birds. Back on the water, there’s a good chance of spotting whales – perhaps Greenland’s most fascinating attraction.

Wellness with dogs

You can get to the town by helicopter from Aasiaat during the winter months. From April you can check in on a boat, with the journey being an adventure in itself. An exotic trip by dogsled lasting four days between Kangaatsiaq and Kangerlussuaq is also well worth considering.

A town with a little of everything

The town has a supermarket, a kindergarten and a school – but no major hotels or tourist offices. You can stay in private accommodation and ask the locals whether you can accompany them on a trip or on a hunt. In Kangaatsiaq you’ll find greatness in the small things, as well as natural surroundings and a population that open hearts.

Did you know?

  • The fjord system is 150 km long and consists of a number of islands and bays.
  • The sea contains the majority of species of Greenland’s sea mammals.
  • Kangaatsiaq means “the small promontory”.
  • The fish factory produces dried fish and dried prawns.




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