Air Greenland’s staff are one of the company’s most important resources.

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We’re always looking for highly motivated, competent and responsible employees that are ready to service our customers – on the ground and in the air. Air Greenland’s staff are one of the company’s most important resources.

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Education and training

Two Air Greenland helicopter mechanics in Nuuk

A course of training at Air Greenland is an investment in the future.


    Air Greenland’s pilots plan and carry out scheduled flights and charter flights.

    It’s a job where meticulous care has great importance for passengers and crew alike. Manuals and checklists are everyday working tools. As a pilot you shouldn’t expect a nine-to-five job; work may be required at any hour of the day.


    • Training lasts around 2 years and consists of both theory and practical flying in an integrated course. The education starts primo april.
    • Training takes place at a selected flying school in Denmark. The education is eligible for students' grants.
    • Training is split into several stages, with each stage being concluded by the attainment of different certificates
    • Both instruction and tests consist of theoretical subjects, practical flying and simulator flying

    The pilot acquires a commercial pilot’s licence, MCC certificat as well as Type Rating on Dash-8.

    Qualifications and requirements

    • Upper secondary exam with English and mathematics at B-level with grades averaging at least 7 in every subject (new scale)
    • Alternatively you must have at least Higher Preparatory Examination Course single subject exam in Danish and have English and maths at B-level with at least a grade of 7 in every subject (new scale)
    • You must have good language skills and preferably speak both Greenlandic and Danish
    • You must be resident in Greenland and be eligible to receive an educational grant from the Government of Greenland

    Send your application and CV in Danish by 30th november at the latest to

    The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen
    Løvstræde 6
    Post box 1042
    DK-1007 Copenhagen K.

    If your application is successful and you are no older than 35 years of age on commencement of training, you must then 

    • pass a mandatory entrance examination that assesses intelligence, psychomotor skills and psychological aspects,
    •  in addition to which you must pass a satisfactory medical examination in order to obtain a commercial pilot’s licence

    We offer

    Possible employment as First Officer following successful completion of training in accordance with Air Greenland’s needs. Good opportunities for in-service training and further training for the position of pilot on Air Greenland’s different types of aircraft. Opportunities for further training for the position of Commander following solid experience as First Officer.

    Further information

    Contact Air Greenland’s Training Center on +299 34 34 34 or send us an email.


    A steward or stewardess's primary tasks are to:

    • Serve passengers and generally ensure that passengers have a good experience onboard.
    • On transatlantic routes and certain domestic routes food and drink are served, and duty free is sold onboard the Atlantic routes.
    • Take care of safety and to oversee passenger well-being and comfort onboard our aircraft and helicopters.

    The home towns for flight attendants are currently Nuuk, Narsarsuaq, Ilulissat and Copenhagen.

    About the training programme

    After 6 weeks of training in Copenhagen, you are under the supervision of an instructor for 4 weeks. You will then be checked out as a Cabin Attendant.

    Important areas of the training are:

    • Service
    • Emergency procedures
    • First aid
    • Fire extinguishing

    You earn no wages during training, but there is payment of a subsistence allowance and accommodation is paid by Air Greenland when a special agreement is made with each individual.

    Your qualifications

    You must have a good sense of humour, a twinkle in your eye, lots of energy, as well as flexibility.

    Preferably experience in the service industry - guide, nurse, nursing assistant, social and health care assistant.

    You speak Greenlandic and/or Danish fluently, and also preferably able to understand the other Scandinavian languages.

    In addition, you must speak, understand and read English. You must also like to work at any time of day.

    Other requirements:

    • Normal vision, general good health, both physical and mental
    • The ability to produce clean CRB check
    • Be 21-years-old at time of application
    • Be able to swim or willing to learn to swim

    Further information

    If you want to know more about the job and the training, please feel free to contact the Air Greenland Training Center on +299 34 34 34 or e-mail.

    There is no application deadline date. We start teams as needed.


    At Air Greenland you can train as an aircraft mechanic. It's an exciting job with very diverse job functions.

    An aircraft mechanic’s daily work consists of:

    • Performing scheduled inspections
    • Undertaking preventive maintenance
    • Detect faults and error correction
    • Component replacements
    • Functional tests of electronic and mechanical control systems in both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters

    The work takes place in an environment where the safety of both the personnel and the work is a high priority. Most of the work takes place in hangars, but preparation and minor inspections are also performed outdoors. It is shift work.

    Training programme

    The training lasts 4 years and 5 months and alternates between work placements at Air Greenland and a study programme at TEC in Hvidovre. There is an introductory course of max. 1 week in Nuuk that is followed by a 12-week introductory course at TEC in Hvidovre.

    Later on there will be four additional study programmes, respectively of 15, 15, 20 and 10 weeks, all of them ending with exams.

    The following, among other things, are taught at TEC:

    • Basic subjects, such as Danish, English and understanding of materials
    • Professional subjects, such as work on aircraft chassis, piston engines and turbine engines
    • Specialisation subjects, such as VHF telephony and work on electronic and avionic systems

    Your work placement periods take place in Air Greenland's hangars, component workshops, engine workshop, electronics workshop and panel workshop under the guidance of well-qualified personnel.

    Your qualifications

    • You must have passed the basic school education with good results
    • Or completed and passed TECs introductory course on your own
    • You need a security clearing in order to get access to restricted airport areas

    To be accepted, you must complete an application form which you can find at the municipal education supervisor/Piareersarfik or at Sunngu by 1 March. Your completed application is either sent to or handed in to the municipal education supervisor/Piareersarfik. You must also pass an entrance exam set by Air Greenland.

    The following applies to all training programmes:

    • You must be a resident of Greenland and must meet the Government of Greenland's requirements for an educational grant.

    Further information

    If you want to know more about the job and the training, please feel free to contact the Air Greenland Training Center by phone +299 34 34 34 or send an e-mail.
    Remember that the deadline for applications is 1 March. The actual programme starts in about 1 August.


    We train traffic assistants who, following their probationary period, can function as traffic assistants at Air Greenland’s traffic offices.

    You’ll be taking on a responsible job in a wide-ranging field and you’ll have to provide excellent service at a high level of security.

    The job

    Independent handling and management of passengers, tickets, baggage and cargo in connection with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter traffic. A considerable part of the job is based on IT technology.


    • begins on 1 September with a six-week theoretical introductory course in Nuuk. This course must be passed before training can continue
      is a probationary training course lasting 12 months Content of the theoretical introductory course
    • Company knowledge – Air Greenland and Mittarfeqarfiit
    • Knowledge of base manuals
    • Booking systems
    • Customer and passenger service
    • Weight and balance calculations
    • Lost baggage systems
    • Security on air side
    • Hazardous substances in baggage and other freight
    • First-aid
    • Elementary fire-fighting
    • Radio communication, basic
    • Cash register functions

    The aspirant will then undergo ‘on-the-job-training’, peer-to-peer training in airports, at offices, in heliports and cargo terminals. The probationary course, in which there’ll be a posting for a shorter or longer period, is concluded with an exam at the end of August.

    Qualifications and requirements

    • You must be between 22 and 30 years of age
    • Satisfactory school proficiency, preferably upper secondary exam and supplemented with work experience
    • Oral and written Greenlandic and Danish. Oral English
    • Maturity, presentable appearance, good health and a positive attitude to varied working hours
    • Resident in Greenland and eligible to receive an educational grant from the Government of Greenland We can offer you
    • Employment on a training contract with possibility for permanent employment at Air Greenland
    • Employment in a more specific area depending on Air Greenland’s needs
    • Pay and conditions in accordance with the collective agreement between Air Greenland and HK air navigation
    • A single-person dwelling is available during posting
    • Good opportunities for personal and professional development
    • Helicopter Information Service training course as required

    Application and deadline

    Send a personal application in which you provide information about your educational background, any work experience, leisure interests, etc. Send as an email to – or fax to +299 31 33 49. By standard post:

    Air Greenland A/S
    Postboks 1012
    3900 Nuuk, Greenland.

    Attach or enclose copies of examination certificates, any references and birth certificate. Deadline is 15 May.

    Further information

    You’re welcome to contact Air Greenland’s Training Center on +299 34 34 34 or to send a mail to


    Terminal personnel at Air Greenland have a wide work area. The work will involve, among other things:

    • Receipt and delivery of post and cargo
    • Palletising for departing flights
    • Sorting of incoming goods and stock control
    • Overview and good cooperation skills are an absolute necessity in the job.

    Training programme

    The training is an STI programme lasting 3 years. It alternates between study programmes at the local vocational college, the Iron and Metal School in Nuuk and work placements at one of Air Greenland's bases and freight terminals.

    The deadline for applications is 15 May. The actual programme starts about 1 August.

    Your qualifications

    • You must have passed the state school-leaving examination (FSA) with satisfactory results and been accepted into the STI programme
    • You must be at least 17-years-old and preferably have work experience, because 100% regular attendance is an absolute requirement
    • In addition, you must be in good health, be presentable and service-minded.

    To be accepted into the programme through Air Greenland, you must have a clean CRB check and medical certificate. In addition, you must also have a job interview and a skills test.

    Air Greenland offers

    You get a work placement agreement under the applicable rules for STI with the possibility of permanent employment as terminal personnel after the end of the programme. After permanent employment, there will be good opportunities for ongoing further education and training.

    The following applies to all training programmes: You must be a resident of Greenland and must meet the Government of Greenland's requirements for an educational grant.

    Further information

    If you want to know more about the job and the training, please feel free to contact Air Greenland Training Center by phone +299 34 34 34 or send an e-mail.


    We train cargo assistants who can look forward to a varied working day which demands great independence and drive.

    Nature of the job

    • A cargo assistant deals with the following:
    • Import and export of post and freight
    • Handling customers
    • Planning of departing aircraft
    • Check-in of arriving aircraft
    • Dealing with tasks via IT


    You must be able to provide good service and have good interpersonal skills – even when you’re under pressure to get things done.

    Probationary training

    The course involves probationary training over a period of 24 months.


    • is organised in modules with fixed goals
    • is based on peer-to-peer training and also contains theory courses
    • includes periods in different departments, whilst there may also be brief postings

    Application deadline

    15 May. Training begins on 1 September.

    Qualifications and requirements

    You must master Greenlandic, Danish and English – preferably also the written language. You must also be resident in Greenland and eligible to receive an educational grant from the Government of Greenland. In addition:

    • Good with figures
    • IT at beginner level
    • Satisfactory proficiency at school – preferably upper secondary education – and/or professional experience

    Personal characteristics

    You must be competent to transact business, flexible, conscientious and in good health.

    Selection procedure

    You’ll have to undergo a job interview and a skills test and must be resident in Greenland, as well as being eligible to receive an educational grant.

    We can offer you

    Training in a dynamic and varied environment, as well as employment on a contract basis with good opportunities for permanent employment following a satisfactory course of training. The salary is good and employment takes place on the terms of the collective agreement concerning base service. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, and following 5-10 years of employment you’ll have the chance to embark on management training that can result in appointment as a cargo terminal manager.

    Further information

    If you wish to know more, you’re welcome to contact Air Greenland Training Center on +299 34 34 34 or send us an email.