Air Greenland is the primary sponsor for the Sports Confederation of Greenland

Air Greenland has entered into and signed a primary sponsorship agreement with the Sports Confederation of Greenland and we shall transport our athletes to and from Yellowknife, Canada, during the Arctic Winter Games in South Slave in 2018.


The airline already has a long tradition of sponsoring activities, especially in sport and culture, and the company is also a steadfast supporter of the Arctic Winter Games. Last year at the Greenlandic hosting of the Arctic Winter Games, Air Greenland successfully established and organised an air bridge between Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk, despite the weather not being at its best. Therefore, it is not totally foreign to tackle the huge logistical task of transporting so many athletes.


The sponsorship agreement has a value of at least DKK 1 million in the form of a discount, when the Sports Confederation of Greenland and the 175 participants charter the Airbus and Dash-8 aircraft for first getting to Kangerlussuaq and then to Yellowknife and back again.


“Greenland’s participation in the Arctic Winter Games requires a large local involvement from the clubs around the country. Air Greenland’s sponsorship for sport in general and specifically for the Arctic Winter Games 2018, makes it possible for our children and young people to develop their talent and healthy values,” tells Nuka Kleemann, Chairman of the Sports Confederation of Greenland, and continues:

“175 young athletes from most parts of the country shall gather South Slave and compete in sports like badminton, futsal, table tennis, arctic sports, dene games, volleyball, snowboard and freestyle, and cross-country skiing. Alpine is not on the programme this time. In 2018, the Sami are also participating in the AWG and they will travel together with our delegation.