Air Greenland supports a project that should motivate young people to take an education

It has been shown through colours, motifs, art and painting that the artwork on the city’s large facades provides a sense of security. And the more residents and local community that are involved in the process, the greater ownership they get to both the painting and their own residential area.


Project Greenlandic Murals (Projekt Grønlandske MurMalerier) started in April 2018 in Qaqortoq and will introduce about 30 young people to different skilled trades. The young people will primarily work within the painting trade, but they will also get a feel for the wood, photo, journalistic and chef professions. The aim is to get young people to start training in a profession.


Work of art on the harbour

Jyske Bank started the project, and when the project in Greenland is finished, the young people will have created a work of art on the harbour on a large gable end that is owned by Royal Arctic Line. The murals will, of course, help to make the area attractive to city residents. 

The important partnerships

Project Greenlandic Murals is also an example of how partnerships between the business community, foundations and the public are capable of taking on tasks that the partners would have difficulty tackling alone. Air Greenland are among the sponsors supporting Project Greenlandic Murals.

At Air Greenland, CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen is pleased to see Project Greenlandic Murals become a reality.

This project goes hand-in-hand with Air Greenland’s CSR policy, where our goal is to raise the level of education. That is why it is quite natural to support this project, which focuses on education and the development of skills among young Greenlanders”.