New traffic system in Southern Greenland and Disko Bay

Air Greenland has not been flying the regional helicopter routes in Disko Bay and Southern Greenland since the beginning of the year. The air service (and sailing) in these areas under a so-called service contract for the Government of Greenland, are now operated by the Disko Line shipping company.

For passengers on these helicopter routes, the change means that they are no longer covered by a guarantee of accommodation, provision of a free meal and re-booking on a new flight if they do not get to the departure in time with Air Greenland or Disko Line due to delays or cancellations. 

We recommend that you take out insurance for delays and cancellations if your trip also includes routes served by Disko Line.

In the event of delays or cancellations, our travel guarantee continues to apply unchanged on all trips where you only fly with Air Greenland. We take care of re-booking your trip, as well as meals and accommodation – at no cost to you.

The route to Nerlerit Inaat (Constable Point) on the East coast of Greenland is now operated from Akureyri by the Icelandic company Norlandair, while Air Greenland operates the Nerlerit Inaat-Ittoqqortoormiit helicopter route. We also recommend taking out insurance for delays and cancellations for trips here.

PS: You will continue to see our red helicopters on the regional routes in Disko Bay and Southern Greenland. Disko Line has chartered Air Greenland to operate the service, but ticket sales, service and any questions are handled 100% by Disko Line.

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