The road to sustainable tourism development

The Arctic Cluster of Raw Materials held their annual Greenland Conference on 21 November. The conference’s focus this year was, amongst other things, on how the upcoming infrastructure projects in Greenland can ensure sustainable economic growth.


During the panel debate, Air Greenland’s Commercial Director Maliina Abelsen, drive home the fact that the airport plans offer new opportunities for Greenland and for Air Greenland:


“Infrastructure is at the heart of Greenland’s future development - on land, at sea and in the air - and when it comes to the air, Air Greenland is ready for the new future. The coming airports offer new growth opportunities for both domestic and international, where our customers in Nuuk, Ilulissat and Qaqortoq will experience more flights and shorter travel time to and from Greenland. And the new runways will make Greenland more accessible and therefore provide the foundation for the development of tourism.”


The foundation for development in Greenland’s infrastructure is the overall strategy and planning, which was also touched upon at the conference.


“We are already seeing growth in the tourism sector, which is very important for hotels, tour operators, restaurants and for Air Greenland. However, the potential is even greater - the tourism sector can be a load-bearing business pillar - but it requires a long-term sustainable national tourist strategy across sectors; the Self-government, municipalities and the business community,” concludes Maliina Abelsen.