We have fixed cooperation agreements with Visit Greenland (Greenland’s Tourism Board), which works with the same aim as Air Greenland, namely to bring more tourists to Greenland. We cooperate on, among other things, joint PR efforts for the purposes of creating international awareness of Greenland as a holiday destination. We are also cooperating on a joint newsletter targeted at international markets, which falls in line with our business goals and it benefits Greenlandic society and the tourism industry. 

ilik Association Travel

We want to help Greenlandic associations to get out and travel to, for example, Greenland’s Championships, Theatre shows, Exhibitions and many more. 

To apply for an Ilik School or Association trip, you must send an email to group@airgreenland.gl. The email must contain the following:

  • Number of travelers
  • Name of all travelers
  • Departure and return date
  • Travel distances that will be covered
  • And the name and phone number of the contact person

Please note that we only offer Ilik School and Association trips on Air Greenland's own route network and cannot offer the product during the following periods:

  • From one week before to one week after Easter Sunday
  • From 15 June to 14 September (both days included)
  • In the period December 17 - January 8 (both days included)

We are looking forward to processing the application.


As Nanoq sponsor of the Arctic Winter Games 2016 and as the main sponsor of the Arctic Circle Race, we are really proud to be involved, to promote voluntariness and develop talents that can put Greenland on the map in international contexts. Via Ilik we also support grassroots sport in Greenland, because sport works with some healthy values and focuses on young people in particular. Therefore, physical education and sport go well with our CSR policy, which focuses precisely on the development and education of young people. 

Arctic Circle Race

We have been a sponsor of the Arctic Circle Race since 1997, when the cross-country ski race was held for the first time. Together with the organisers in Sisimiut, we safely bring runners to the town, just as we solve various practical tasks.


As the main sponsor of KNQK (dog sled race), Akisuanerit Festival (music festival) and cultural sponsor for Katuaq (Katuaq Culture Centre in Nuuk), which organises various cultural events in cooperation with local cultural operators, we contribute to many artists and cultural personalities being able to appear in Greenland. Through time we have also supported a series of cultural projects, typically cultural events that have a certain breadth and attract a larger audience.

Akisuanerit Festival






How do you apply?

In order to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from Air Greenland's sponsorships, we have chosen to conclude more and larger fixed cooperation agreements with federations, associations and cultural institutions in Greenland. You can read more about the agreements that have already been entered in the text above.

How do I or we get a permanent sponsorship agreement with Air Greenland?

If you would like to have a permanent sponsorship agreement with Air Greenland, we ask you to consider how a sponsorship agreement with your organization meets the following criteria:

  • What is the geographical coverage of the agreement? E.g. is it only Nuuk, the entire Disko Bay, South Greenland, North Greenland, East Greenland etc.
  • How many people in the country will benefit from the agreement?
  • Will the agreement help support tourism development?
  • Will the deal ensure that more people can travel cheaper?
  • Is it possible to make a multi-year agreement?
  • How will Air Greenland achieve visibility for the target group about your sponsorship?

When you have made your thoughts on this, you are very welcome to send an application to sponsor@airgreenland.gl.

We will endeavor to answer all inquiries, and we look forward to reading your application.