Spend the night in Kangerlussuaq and save money on your flight

Air Greenland offers cheap tickets on the journey between Nuuk, Sisimiut or Ilulissat and Copenhagen. If you are not too busy when you are travelling to or from Denmark, there will be good money to save. By spending the night in Kangerlussuaq on your journey, you can travel cheaper back and forth between Nuuk, Ilulissat or Sisimiut and Denmark.

You book your ticket at Air Greenland and are yourself responsible to arrange the sleep over in Kangerlussuaq.



Prices are for one-way, incl. tax and airport fees:

Travelroute Price, total
Nuuk, Sisimiut or Ilulissat – Copenhagen 2.640 DKK
Copenhagen– Nuuk, Sisimiut or Ilulissat 2.264 DKK


N.B. The campaign offer is only valid on specific routes and limited seats are offered.


In Kangerlussuaq there are following possibilities:


World of Greenland Arctic Circle offers trips in the beautiful areas around Kangerlussuaq, where you among others can experience muskox safari, a trip to the inland ice and exciting gastronomical experiences at the restaurant, Roklubben.