Tree Near Tasermiut Camp. Photo Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Fly 'n Sleep

With Fly ‘n sleep you can travel cheaply between Greenland and Denmark with a stop on the road in Narsarsuaq from only DKK 1,995 one-way. The stop in Narsarsuaq gives you opportunities to experience the fantastic nature in South Greenland before you travel on to your final destination.

You can choose between three exciting destinations: Nanortalik, Narsaq and Qaqortoq to / from Copenhagen. Remember that you have to buy accommodation in Narsarsuaq yourself.

Book your flight well in advance

Book well in advance to make sure you get a seat. By planning your holiday early, you can find the cheapest available tickets on the days that suit you best.

Narsarsuaq In South Greenland At Sunset

Accommodation in Narsarsuaq

Narsarsuaq is a small village that has South Greenland's only airport. You travel on from the village by helicopter or boat, which offers a unique view of the stunning scenery of South Greenland.

Blue Ice Explorer now offers Air Greenland customers with a Fly'n Sleep ticket an overnight stay for 360,-DKK, per person in Narsarsuaq.

How to book: 

You can easily book your accommodation directly with Blue Ice Explorer on their website. Book your stay here

REMEMBER to inform Blue Ice Explorer that you are travelling with Fly'n Sleep ticket. 

Kapisillit Walk In Sunset. Photo Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Unique experiences in Narsarsuaq

Club Timmisa 660X500

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  • 20 kg of checked baggage and one piece of hand luggage included.
  • The accommodation in Narsarsuaq is purchased separately and is not included in the price of the ticket.
  • The ticket cannot be changed or refunded after 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Food is only included on the flight between Copenhagen and Narsarsuaq, on other flights coffee, and water are served.
  • Fly 'n sleep is a one-way trip, but you can of course buy Fly 'n sleep both ways.
  • Please note that booking of accommodation in Narsarsuaq is made between you and Blue Ice Explorer.
  • Air Greenland cannot provide assistance with booking a room. Air Greenland can also not guarantee the availability of rooms.