Welcome to Greenland

Green mountainsides, blue fjords and sounds with icebergs, small colourful towns and settlements, high mountain peaks and flowers everywhere. It doesn’t take many minutes from your arrival in Narsarsuaq before you understand why the Norsemen chose the name Greenland when they arrived here in 985 AD.

Southern Greenland is ideal for hiking. You stay on sheep farms or in small guest houses and continue on the next day. Or go on local cruises through the fjords and sounds with thousands of icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Between steep green mountains, valleys with bleating sheep and an explosion of flowers.

We fly directly between Copenhagen and Narsarsuaq from 15 June to 5 September every Tuesday and Thursday. From 10 July to 20 August we also fly the route every Monday.

There is a flight to Green-land at 11:40 – welcome aboard!