Practical info

How do I make a freight booking from Denmark?

From Denmark to Greenland, freight can only be booked through a freight forwarder via
Flycargo GSA Group

Only XPS Greenpack - HUM Human Remains - AVI Live Animals - AOG Aircraft On Ground can also be booked for the aircraft further out of Kangerlussuaq.


How do I make a freight booking for flights in Greenland?

Booking freight for domestic flights for GOH Nuuk + SFJ Kangerlussuaq + JAV Ilulissat takes place via freight terminals located at the airport.

Only TUA TUAVI - HUM Human Remains - AVI Live Animals - AOG Aircraft On Ground can be booked for domestic flights.

For all the other stations, the booking is made at the airport or heliport


What is the maximum size package you can send?

You can enter the dimensions on the website to see if it can go with an Airbus or DASH8

If the shipment weighs more than 300 kg. and must be sent further with a Dash8 or B212 helicopter, please send a query with the dimensions and weight for acceptance.


Can you transport live animals?

Live animals (AVI) can be transported by air.

From and to Greenland only via an air freight forwarder of your choice.

For the transport of live animals (AVI) in Greenland, please contact the nearest station for further assistance/booking.


Why do I have to pay a (CHC fee) handling fee for the receipt for air freight shipments from overseas or (OAL) other airlines issued transport document, even if the sender pays the transport?

It is an international agreement that local fees can only be charged when dropping off shipments


How/When can I claim for damaged or lost freight?

Find more info here:


Can you take out a transport insurance for air freight with Air Greenland?

For freight from abroad, this must be agreed with your freight forwarder.

For freight in connection with domestic flights, you can request this when you drop off the shipment.

INC fee (Insurance) 1% of the face value. However, there is a DKK 100 minimum.

For example, Amount for insurance DKK 10,000.00 the price is DKK 100.00.

If it is, for example, DKK 20,000, the customer must pay DKK 200.

Insurance: (INC FEE) You can choose to take out insurance on the submission form when dropping off the shipment by providing an insurance sum for the total value of the shipment. An insurance fee is charged on the consignment note as a percentage of the insurance amount, however, with a fixed minimum amount of DKK 100.


Where is my shipment?


You can use track and trace to search for postal parcels, DHL Express, FedEx and GLS shipments by TELE-POST at this link 

More information about these shipping types and package tracking can be found at this link

If you, as the customer, have questions regarding the shipment of postal deliveries, DHL Express, FedEx and GLS shipments, TELE-POST can be contacted on phone 341255 or email

In terms of transport, postal packages, DHL Express, FedEx and GLS shipments with Air Greenland, are prioritised by courier, letter post and passengers, but before regular freight.


Why is my air freight or postal delivery delayed?

There may be many reasons why air freight or postal delivery does not arrive as expected.

Most causes of delay are wind, visibility or too many passages.

However, also technical challenges with aircraft or helicopters, as well as customs or security control may be the cause.

We always recommend using our priority products for urgent shipments.