Arctic aviation

With a partner like Air Greenland you get expertise, efficient flying hours and local roots.

As a customer of Air Greenland Charter you have versatile, efficient aircraft and helicopters, and experienced pilots at your service. We have more than 50 years experience flying in the Arctic. The challenges of operating in remote areas with a weak infrastructure and harsh climate are routine for us. We know every corner of this vast country. The Arctic is our home base.

Our infrastructure is dense and robust. Air Greenland has bases, hangars, aircraft mechanics and other personnel in most towns in Greenland, and we have spare parts at our main repair workshop in Nuuk. Therefore, we are quickly back in the air after any downtime and it saves you costly interruptions to your venture in the short and hectic season.

With us know-how goes hand-in-hand with know-who and this also benefits you: If something is urgent, we know who to contact - all over Greenland!

When you choose Air Greenland, you choose an active partnership with the Greenlandic society. Our red planes and helicopters indicate jobs, training and sales – all for the benefit of Greenland and for your future in Greenland.

Your company's ethical and green accounting will also be on the plus side when you choose us as your charter operator: Air Greenland has undertaken to comply with UN principles on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2010, we were the first Greenlandic Company to join the UN Global Compact, which entails responsibilities for human rights, the environment, working conditions and anti-corruption. It is an investment - also in your future in Greenland.