Club Timmisa Q&A

Club Timmisa is Air Greenland’s customer club that offers our members a wide range of benefits.

You sign up on the Club Timmisa app, on out website or by contacting Air Greenland’s customer service. You must create a member profile when you sign up for Club Timmisa stating:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Postcode, country and city/town

Please pay special attention that the name must be the same as used for booking trips. When you sign up, you will also be asked to accept our membership conditions. You can become a member of Club Timmisa when you turn 18 and are not under guardianship.

You can download the Club Timmisa app from the App Store or Google Play.

You can read about your membership conditions right here.

To change your e-mail address for your Club Timmisa profile, please contact

It’s completely free to join Club Timmisa.

You log in to your member profile with your e-mail address and a password of your choice either through the Club Timmisa app or via the website.

Once you have logged in to your member profile, you can see your recorded trips, and you have the option to change your contact information.

You get a wide range of benefits as a member of Club Timmisa.

You can look forward to:

  • Being among the first, and in some cases among the only ones who hear about great prices and special offers on our flights.
  • Record your flight, so you have all your travel times at your fingertips.
  • Read newspapers and magazines directly from the Club Timmisa app.
  • See flight times, follow a flight and get live updates if changes occur.
  • Enter our big draw for a travel gift card worth DKK 3,000 every 3 months.
  • Member offers on a number of special services including hotel discounts, baggage collection at Copenhagen with Valizo, special offers on Pisiffik’s website and Flightseeing.
  • Check-in via your mobile up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Attend special membership events for Club Timmisa members only.
  • Have the opportunity to enter draws for tickets to various events.

You can download the Club Timmisa mobile app from both the Apple Store and Google Play. Search for Club Timmisa and then download the app.

Then you always have Club Timmisa and your flights at your fingertips.

Yes, you certainly can! You record your trip by logging in to the Club Timmisa mobile app. Then click on ‘Register trip’ in the menu and enter your reservation number.

Your reservation number is 6 characters long and can contain both numbers and letters.

Remember to press ‘add’.

You can see your recorded trips under ‘My Trips’.

If you get an error message when entering a trip, please check that you have entered the correct booking number and that the name entered on the booking is the same name as in Club Timmisa. If they are different, they cannot be matched.

If you continue to experience problems recording your trip, please contact us at

Yes, just enter your trip under ‘My Trips’.

Please note that you have the opportunity to register a flight until 12 months after the trip has been completed. You are responsible for ensuring that your flights are registered correctly.

A condition for you to register a flight is that the full name and email address associated with the trip correspond to the information registered about you in Club Timmisa. Trips booked and completed after Club Timmisa's launch on March 4, 2019 can be registered. This means that only journeys that have been booked, registered and completed after 4 March 2019 will trigger a ticket if the conditions for this are met.

Yes! You can check-in on your mobile by logging in to the Club Timmisa mobile app. Then click on ‘Check-in’ in the menu and follow the instructions.

Remember to have your reservation number or e-ticket number ready.

Yes! You can check flight times on your mobile by logging in to the Club Timmisa mobile app. Then click on ‘Flight time’ in the menu.

Below you can see departure and arrival times for all Air Greenland’s flights, search for a specific flight number or follow a flight and get live updates if changes should occur.

As a member of Club Timmisa, we automatically enter a ticket for you every 3 months in our big draw for a travel gift card worth DKK 3,000.

The travel gift card can be used for online purchases of flights on our website.

The travel gift card cannot be exchanged for cash and is valid for 1 year from the time it is sent to the recipient.

As a member of Club Timmisa, you will automatically receive an entrie for the draw every month. You can also get an entrie  for the next draw when you record and complete a flight.

Pssst ...! However, please note that if your trip consists of several flights associated with the same e-ticket number (e.g. outbound and inbound or stopovers), it will be considered as one flight, and you will therefore get one entrie in the draw with effect from the time the whole the trip is both recorded and completed.

You can see the number of entries you have under the menu item ‘My Profile’, which you will find in the menu. Here you can also see when the next draw is.

Entries are drawn among all members every 3 months. When the draw has taken place, the tickets will no longer be valid, and entries will be drawn between the new ones you get for the new draw.

No. Your membership is unique to you and cannot be shared with others.

You can cancel your Club Timmisa membership at any time by contacting Air Greenland at

Air Greenland regards cancelling your Club Timmisa membership as a revocation of your consent.

You can change your contact information under the menu item ‘My Profile’, which you will find in the Club Timmisa app or online.

Yes, you can. When you open a newsletter from Club Timmisa, you can click on the “unsubscribe marketing from Club Timmisa” link.

Once you have unsubscribed from the newsletter, you will no longer receive the latest news, offers, competitions, etc., from Club Timmisa.

If you change your mind and would like to receive newsletters again, open your Club Timmisa app and press 'My profile'. Scroll down and re-subscribe to the newsletter. If you need help please feel free to contact

If you have forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password’. Then enter your e-mail address in the text field, after which you will receive a verification code via your e-mail.

Once your e-mail is verified, you can create a new password.

Your password must be between 8 and 64 characters, and must contain at least 3 of the following:

  • Small letters
  • Capital letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols

NOTE: Please note that if you want to create a new password via your mobile, you must open the e-mail you receive regarding the verification code on your mobile and follow the process above on your mobile. The same goes for your computer. To create a new password via your computer, you must complete open the e-mail regarding the verification code on your computer and follow the process above on your computer.

If you use both a mobile and computer to create a new password, you will get an error message.

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If you need further assistance with your Club Timmisa membership, please also contact us at