How do I get there?

Serviced by DASH8.

Fly to Ilulissat from Copenhagen via the international airport at Kangerlussuaq. Some flights go via Aasiaat. In the summer, there are up to ten departures from Denmark to Kangerlussuaq and in winter there are four weekly departures. We always connect between all flights from and to Copenhagen.

We also have flights from Iceland during the summer, four times a week in the summer, from Keflavik, the international airport of Reykjavik.  The flight takes 3 hours.

How do I get around?

Buses and taxis provide transfers to, for example, Hotel Arctic. You can see most of Ilulissat on foot. Take a tour boat to the small settlements or put on your walking boots if you want to go into the hinterland. In winter, dog sledding and snowmobiling are popular means of transport.

You can also travel with Arctic Umiaq Line, which runs passenger traffic between towns and settlements from Ilulissat in the north to Qaqortoq in the south. The ship docks once a week from late May to late August.