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Find your trip to Kangersuatsiaq

About Kangersuatsiaq

Kangersuatsiaq is located around 56 kilometres south of Upernavik and is thus one of the settlements in the area that's situated closest to the main town. The settlement has an attractive location and is known for its beautiful, well-maintained houses. Hunting and fishing are the primary occupations in the settlement, which in 2013 was home to 176 inhabitants. The settlement has a Pilersuisoq grocery store.

In 2007 a narwhal with twin tusks was caught by fisherman Aron Kristiansen. The longest tusk was 2.41 metres long whilst the other was slightly shorter. Twin-tusk narwhals are are, in addition to which the catch was particularly noteworthy because it's unusual to find narwhals that venture so far south.

Experiences in Kangersuatsiaq


  • Located within Upernavik Archipelago
  • Faces out to Baffin Bay
  • Approx. 170


  • Fly to Kangerlussuaq from Ilulissat and then go on to Upernavik by plane.
    From Upernavik there is a helicopter connection to Kangersuatsiaq.
  • By foot or by sea with locals.
    Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring.