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Find your trip to Kullorsuaq

About Kullorsuaq

Founded in 1928, Kullorsuaq was named after a nearby mountain that resembles a giant thumb. Hunting and fishing are the primary occupations in the settlement, with seals, narwhals and beluga whales being caught. Both the flesh and the skin of the whales (mattak) are good sources of revenue for the settlement. People further south find mattak from the beluga whale particularly delicious, whilst further north mattak from narwhals is the local favourite. Today Kullorsuaq is regarded as one of the most traditional hunting and fishing settlements in Greenland.

In 2011 the settlement opened a new Pilersuisoq grocery store, just a couple of years after the settlement had opened a new school for around 120 pupils from 1st to 10th grade. The service building in the settlement has a laundry, showers, meeting room and a hobby workshop.

Experiences in Kullorsuaq


  • Means 'the big thumb'
  • Located at the southern end of Melville Bay
  • Between July and November the harbour is free of ice
  • Approx. 450 inhabitants


  • Fly from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat and then go on to Upernavik by plane. From Upernavik there is helicopter connection to Kullorsuaq
  • By foot or by sea with locals.
    Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring.