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Find your trip to Kuummiut

About Kuummiut

Kuummiut is located on Greenland's east coast and is one of the most attractively located settlements in the country. The settlement is home to East Greenland's only fish factory, which is in part due to the fact that the harbour is often free of ice during the winter. This is particularly unusual for East Greenland, where the ice is often present for several months of the year.

The settlement lies deep within Ammassalik Fjord where three fjords meet and there's a beautiful view of Denmark Strait. The population of the settlement grew significantly in 1965, when the 100 inhabitants from the settlement of Skjoldungen were moved north to Kuummiut. Kuummiut was originally founded as a mission in 1915.

Kuummiut is an ideal place from which to start a hike.

Experiences in Kuummiut


  • One of Greenland's biggest settlements
  • Called Kuummiit in East Greenlandic
  • Means 'those that live by the river'
  • Often free of ice during the winter
  • Approx. 300 inhabitants


  • Travel from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk and go on to Kulusuk.
    From Kulusuk there are departures twice a week with helicopter that connects the sorrounding settlements.
  • By foot or by sea with locals.
    Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring.