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Find your trip to Sermiligaaq

About Sermiligaaq

The settlement of Sermiligaaq has an attractive location on a peninsula on Greenland's east coast around 100 kilometres north of Tasiilaq. Numbering just over 200 inhabitants, it's an active hunting and fishing settlement. Although the settlement doesn't have its own production plant, there's plenty of fishing, and the catch is sold to the factory in the nearest settlement, Kuummiut. In addition, many seals, narwhals and polar bears are caught here.

As the name suggests, Sermiligaaq lies close to a number of beautiful glaciers, including Knud Rasmussen Glacier and Kârale Glacier. The water in the fjord takes its colour from the sediments deposited by these glaciers and has a beautiful "milky blue" hue.

Sermiligaaq has a Pilersuisoq grocery store, village hall and school chapel. Due to the outstanding natural beauty of the area, several tour operators organize kayaking trips during the summer. The region is also home to a former American airbase that was abandoned after the airport at Kulusuk was built. The abandoned base makes a fascinating destination today as a sort of ghost town.

Experiences in Sermiligaaq


  • Located by the fjord of the same name
  • Means 'the beautiful glacier fjord'
  • Large populations of Greenland halibut and redfish
  • Excellent kayaking area
  • Approx. 200 inhabitants


  • Travel from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk and on to Kulusuk. From Kulusuk there are departures with helicopter which connects the settlements in the area twice a week.
  • By foot or by sea with locals. Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring.