Tasiusaq (Upernavik)

  • There's a fish factory in the settlement
  • Located in the Upernavik Archipelago
  • Located 71 kilometres north of Upernavik
  • Approx. 250 inhabitants

About Tasiusaq (Upernavik)

The northernmost of the two settlements, which is called Tasiusaq, is found 71 kilometres north of Upernavik in the Municipality of Qaasuitsup. Here there's a Pilersuisoq grocery store and even a kiosk, fish factory and a church.

Hunting and fishing are the primary occupations in the settlement, and the catch is received for processing at the local fish factory. In the service building there's a hall adjoined by a kitchen, in addition to which you can wash your clothes and take a shower.

Experiences in Tasiusaq (Upernavik)


Transportation - Tasiusaq (Upernavik)

How do I get there?

Transportation by helicopter.

Fly from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat and go on to Upernavik with plane. Take the helicopter connection from Upernavik to Tasiusaq.

How do I get around?

By foot or by sea with locals. 

Dogsleds are a frequent means of transportation during winter and spring.