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Find your trip to Uummannaq

About Ummannaq

The trip to Uummannaq is by helicopter from the small settlement of Qaarsut, which is located on the northside of the peninsula Nuusuaq. Some Greenlandic travelers believe Uummannaq is the most beautiful spot of Greenland filled with grandeur and beauty. You will discover this from the very beginning when flying with helicopter. The fells reach up to 1200-1400 metres in height. Ice from 11 glaciers, whales and birds are some of the things you can see around the mountains.

The city is located at the end of a 1170 meters tall heart-shaped mountain. When walking around in the city, you will experience the Greenlandic spirit with the colorful houses that are scattered on the hilly ground, dogs barking, children and adults living the life as fishermen and whalers families.

Experiences in Uummannaq

All of Greenland in one place

Midnight sun, dogs, sledges, ice, whales and meeting the open and friendly inhabitants and the Inuit culture. These elements constitute what most people hope to experience in Greenland. Whether you have adventure, knowledge of culture/cultural understanding or meeting new people on your checklist, Uummannaq provides you these experiences.

Boat trips and whale watching

One can never know which way the whales go but you might be fortunate to experience the giant of the sea. On a boat trip you will come close to the ice, glaciers and mountains. Experience Qarajaq, one of the biggest glaciers in the area and visit the settlements to explore and feel how it once was. 

Did you know?

  • Near Uummannaq is an old winter’s village named Qilakitsoq. In 1972 mummies of six adults and two children were discovered. They are the oldest findings of well-preserved humans and garments of the Arctic Inuit culture

  • The German geophysicist Alfred Wegener, the originator of the theory of the continental drift, was a regular visitor in Uummannaaq. See his propeller sledge and other inventions at the museum in Uummannaq.

  • There is a yellow house where, whale-oil once was made from the blubber. However, the smell was unbearable and the production was relocated to another place distant from the city.

  •  Next to the church is a characteristic Greenlandic peat house which was inhabited until 1980.  


  • Northwest Greenland’s second largest town
  • Uummannaq is its only name
  • Approx. 1300 inhabitants
  • Founded in 1763
  • Has seven settlements
  • On the Nuussuaq peninsula in northwest Greenland


  • You fly to Uummannaq from Kangerlussuaq via Aasiaat and Qaarsut. From there you take the helicopter shuttle to Uummannaq.
  • Put on your walking boots and discover the area on foot. In summer, boat trips to the settlements are popular. In winter, popular means of transportation are snowmobile, skis and dog sledges.