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It’s a short distance from towns and settlements to open expanses with lakes, fells and the sea. Remember your map and compass or let yourself be guided by an experienced pathfinder.

Two hikers overlooking the sound near Tiniteqilaaq in East Greenland. Photo: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland.

Two hikers overlooking the sound near Tiniteqilaaq in East Greenland. Photo: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland.

Walk your way, walk away, short or long – hiking ahead

In less than ten minutes you’re out in the open landscape with your back to the town. Magnificent adventures lie at your feet. We’ve no qualms about using the words magnificent, unrivalled and unspoilt, because that’s the way it is. Great expanses, green oases, small flowers, ice, modest and challenging ascents. What more could you wish for? Make sure you know how to use a map and compass. Pick up a hiking map from the local tourist office, find your own rhythm and enjoy the flora, fauna, history and geology.

A destination for a one-day trip could be to walk from Kangerlussuaq up to the Tacan mountain south of the town, from where there’s a magical view. From here the trip takes in the lake of Store Saltsø and the fells in the landscape. After a couple of hours you’ll reach Garnet Rock, where with hammer and chisel you can begin your hunt – not for animals, but for semi-precious stones.

With your pockets full of stones, the return trip passes along the banks of Lake Ferguson, and if you’re lucky you may spot the Great Northern Loon, which builds nests along the banks of the lake.

From Sisimiut

A hike in Sisimiut heads out over a lush south-facing slope where you can enjoy the view of the town while you walk through the green vegetation of bushes, flowers and moss. Small waterfalls are among the elements to enjoy. Fill your water bottles with the clearest spring water. From the top of Præstefjeld there’s a fantastic view of the town and Kangerluarsuk Tulleq. 

You can also choose a trip in which you can really feel the presence of history. The island of Teleøen, Sallinnguit, combines the past and the present. Different cultures have lived here for 4,000 years and have left traces that make a striking contrast to the telecommunications equipment that has today given the island its name.

180 km in ten days

You can’t walk round the world in just ten days, but on the other hand you can manage the route between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq. Go through valleys and along lakes in a highly varied landscape. Taking this classic hiking route is a fantastic experience if you have the right equipment with you.

In Ilulissat

The highlands behind the town make extremely inviting hiking territory. Walk, for example, 11 kilometres into the hinterland to Nalluarsuk. A trip to the Sermermiut valley also comes highly recommended. Here there are traces of the first people in Greenland.

 Mild Greenland

 South Greenland is worth highlighting as a classic trekking area with lots of things to see and experience in a very fertile landscape. A day’s hike with a packed lunch in your backpack or several days’ hiking with a tent and sleeping bag. The wilderness and hiking routes are an unforgettable mix.


  • The best months are from the beginning of June up to and including September.
  • Our partners World of Greenland in Sisimiut and Ilulissat have many different types of hiking trips on their programmes. Guides describe the history of the area in question, whilst you can look at ruins, animals, memorials and enjoy the views.
  • Both fell hiking and glacier hiking are possible. The latter requires knowledge and experience and the necessary equipment in the form of ice picks and other safety equipment.
  • Good hiking maps are available in 1:75,000 scale.
  • In Greenland everyone can make their own campsite. You just pitch your tent wherever you find an attractive spot. You can fetch clean water from the nearest river.
  • Greenland Travel offers hiking trips all over Greenland: In the south, in the west and a hike of more than 13 days in East Greenland. The agency has organised trips for more than 25 years and thus has a great deal of expertise.