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Midnight sun

Did you miss the sun last summer? Then let us tempt you with the sun in the sky round the clock.

Here you get more hours in a day

How do you make sure you get enough sleep at night with the sun hanging in the sky 24 hours a day? The Greenlanders have the answer to this problem: thick, lightproof curtains.

Shops shut, boats chug in and out of the harbour, children play on the streets and people enjoy the sight of the fjords and icebergs from the fellsides at all hours of the day. As a guest in Greenland a midnight sailing trip in the sunlight that illuminates the icebergs in warm, golden hues is really something not to be missed.

Experience the midnight sun north of Sisimiut and Tasiilaq. The further north you go, the longer the period with midnight sun will last, and you can really make the most of your holiday.

The sun exacts its revenge

It’s important to enjoy the sun, because it exacts its revenge in the winter months by staying away completely. It’s therefore fortunate that the snow and ice reflect the light of the stars and the moon – and the streetlights of course. The dark period is also a particularly cosy time of year in which each and every small house is illuminated by candlelight and lamps – a scene that in itself provides a great deal of warmth.

Try a magical sailing trip with WOGAC from Ilulissat out to the icebergs in the light of the midnight sun. If you visit the town in January, then make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate the return of the light on 13th January. It’s a special celebration and people walk out to the fjord in order to see the golden orb when it appears on the southern horizon.


  • South of the Arctic Circle there’s no period of permanent darkness, nor is there any midnight sun. Despite this, South Greenland has particularly long nights during the summer.
  • Specially for runners: Travel to Ilulissat and compete in Arctic Midnight Orienteering – an Arctic championship and unofficial Greenlandic championship over a distance of 20 km which is held close to the UNESCO-protected ice fjord.