Trophy Hunting

A reindeer or musk ox trophy ranks high on any hunter’s wish list, and such a goal is within easy reach – just a five-hour flight from Denmark.

A collection of reindeer antlers outside a house in Qeqertarsuatsiaat south of Nuuk in Greenland

A collection of reindeer antlers outside a house in Qeqertarsuatsiaat south of Nuuk in Greenland. Photo: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Take an eternal memory home with you

Greenland is a hunter’s land. For centuries fishing and hunting have taken place in interaction with the natural surroundings, and this remains true today. The hunters follow the animals’ rhythm and hunting takes place on nature’s terms.

Musk oxen, reindeer, foxes, birds and seals can be hunted by participants on hunting trips. Options available include hunting trips in which you go after small game and trophy hunting trips in which the prey is musk oxen.

In Kangerlussuaq and Maniitsoq there are organised tours with specialised outfitters who on trophy hunting trips make sure that everything is taken care of, from when the prey has been shot to when the trophy is cleaned and packed ready for transport.

The hunt for musk oxen usually takes place close to the Ice Sheet and by the fjord where the large old bulls graze. Reindeer can be difficult to get close to as they wander in large herds on the tundra.


  • The hunting seasons runs from 1 March until 1 May and from August until September.
  • Hunting for seals generally takes place in the spring.
  • Trophy hunting for musk oxen takes place in both summer and winter. The oxen are hunted according to specific quotas. The animals are removed from the overall quota and trophy hunting does not have any negative impact on the population.
  • Hunting on your own is not permitted in Greenland – you must take part in an organised hunting trip.
  • World of Greenland - Arctic Circle (WOGAC) has close contacts with good hunters in the area.