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Whale watching

The sea is teeming with whales. As a spectator expect to be at a loss for words when you get close to these giant mammals of the deep.

A whale diving. Photo: Malik Milfeldt, Visit Greenland

A whale diving. Photo: Malik Milfeldt, Visit Greenland

Whale watching – an unforgettable experience

The sea around Greenland is teeming with whales: minke whales, fin whales and humpback whales. As a spectator you often find yourself at a loss for words as the whales play in their natural habitat, breaking through the surface before diving down into the deep with a huge splash.

From the middle of the summer until well into the autumn you’re almost guaranteed to see whales around Paamiut, Nuuk, Aasiaat, Disko Bay and Uummannaq, although of course it’s difficult to guarantee anything on behalf of the whales; they have the entire ocean as their backyard.

On the other hand, we can guarantee that a whale safari is worth every penny, and is just about a must when visiting Greenland. The skipper is highly skilled and has seen hundreds of whales, and therefore knows exactly how to approach them. When he gives the word, everyone rushes to the railing, breathless with anticipation.

The rest has to be experienced with a pair of binoculars, a camera and a great deal of patience. If you’re lucky, you may see up to three or four species on the same day.

Whales amongst the icebergs

It’s difficult to rate one particular area ahead of another, although a whale safari in Disko Bay is a unique experience. Imagine a sailing trip amongst majestic icebergs that are navigating their own way out to the open sea. This is an adventure in itself, and when one or more tail fins suddenly appear on the horizon or just a few hundred metres ahead, it’s guaranteed to send your heart racing.


  • The bowhead whale can be up to 18 metres long and weigh up to 100 tonnes.
  • Whales are hunted in accordance with internationally determined quotas, and several species in Greenland are protected.
  • World of Greenland (WOG) in Ilulissat has whale safaris lasting five hours.
  • From Nuuk there are 4-hour boat trips. In other towns the local tourist office will help organise whale safaris.