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With Air Greenland you can always bring up to 20 kg of checked-in baggage and 8 kg of cabin bagage. Read more about our bagage allowances here.

Checked baggage

If you have weighed in your luggage and are traveling on economy class, Takuss, Standard or Standard Flex, you can carry up to 20 kg. with you and 1 ‘carry on bag’ up to 8 kg. For Premium and Premium Flex, you are allowed to bring up to 30 kg. and 2 ‘carry on bags’ for a total weight of 8 kg. 

See a list of items not permitted in your checked-in baggage »


  Standard class Premium class


20 kg (44 lbs) checked baggage + 1 piece of hand baggage up to 8 kg (18 lbs). 30 kg (66 lbs)checked baggage + 2 pieces of cabin baggage up to 8 kg (18 lbs).

Children 2-12 years

20 kg (44 lbs) checked baggage + 1 piece of hand baggage up to 8 kg (18 lbs). 30 kg (66 lbs)checked baggage + 2 pieces of cabin baggage up to 8 kg (18 lbs).

Infants under 2 years

10 kg (22 lbs) + collapsible pushchair size 110 x 25 x 25cm Not possible - must be booked as a child


Overweight baggage

When your baggage exceeds the allowance of your ticket type, you will be charged with a fee pr. kg. pr. flight. The excess baggage fee depends on the route. It is also possible to send some of the baggage as cargo, where the weight limits are different.

Calculate the price for you overweight baggage here

Excess baggage of more than 75kg must be booked in advance, since we might have to block seats onboard. Please specify the weight in kilos, items and dimensions to our for Customer Service via this contact form

Need more baggage? Buy online in advance a save up to 30%

If you need to check in more baggage, remember that you can buy extra baggage online when you book or subsequently by using My Ticket.

It is not possible to buy excess baggage online for transport of animals. See section on Transporting animals here.

Otherwise you can contact Customer Service who will help you with the purchase of baggage for a service fee. Get the best price on extra baggage by ordering at least 3 hours before departure. Pre-ordered overweight is non-refundable.

Extra baggage - Price examples one-way

  Price until until 3 hours before departure Price at Check-in desk


From 260 DKK per 5 kg.  

From 365 DKK per 5 kg.

From 140 DKK per 5 kg.  

From 195 DKK per 5 kg.

From 55 DKK per 5 kg. 

From 75 DKK per 5 kg.

Price is based on the length of the trip and thus varies by routing. See the calculated price for your trip here

Each traveler can at most purchase 50 kg of extra baggage. 

Cabin baggage

If you are travelling on economy class, you may take 1 item of cabin baggage, whilst travelers on business class may take 2 items of cabin baggage, provided that the total weight does not exceed 8 kg or the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

If the amount of cabin baggage exeeds the capacity on board the aircraft, we reserve the right to stow some of this baggage in the cargo section. Excess or oversize items of cabin baggage will be checked in, weighed, tagged with the your destination and loaded in the hold with the regular baggage.

NB: Always keep any medicine in your cabin baggage so that it is available to you, even if your checked-in baggage is delayed. Please note that baggage is often stored outside in Greenland, and can be exposed to frost.

Please ensure that you are aware of special restrictions on liquids and creams in your cabin baggage. 

See this complete list of items you are not permitted to carry onto the aircraft »

In addition to your cabin baggage 

Onboard you can of course also have:

  • Taxfree goods bought onboard or at the airport
  • A small handbag or notebook
  • An overcoat
  • A small camera or pair of binoculars
  • Reading matter
  • Umbrella or walking stick 

Travelers with cabin baggage only

For travelers who wish to travel with carry-on baggage only, it is possible to bring one item of cabin baggage which can weigh up to 8 kg (18 lbs). The dimensions of this baggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. For secutiry reasons heavy cabin baggage must be stowed on the floor under your seat – not in the luggage compartment.

Heavy baggage

The staff loading the baggage onto the aircraft, are not allowed to lift more than 30kg at a time. If you are carrying more than 30kg, we kindly ask you to split it in two or more pieces of baggage.

Special items

Read more about special items, like prams, bikes, sporting goods and weapons »

Fragile baggage

Air Greenland does not accept any liability for fragile or perishable items or goods such as musical instruments, rifles or computers. Travellers can not check in Narwhal tusks as baggage, but will have to send those items as freight.

Baggage tag

Your baggage is labeled with the airport at which you are scheduled to arrive, and you will be given a baggage tag which will be stuck to your itinerary. You have to use this as identification of your baggage should an error occur or if your baggage is delayed or lost. You will also need this tag if you wish to make a claim to your insurance company.

Check in all the way

NOTE: It is currently not possible to buy tickets for travel with SAS, DAT, Icelandair and other airlines, on Air Greenland's website. Due to Covid-19, Air Greenland is currently unable to guarantee the product and it is therefore not possible to purchase new tickets. Customers who have already purchased a combined ticket with Air Greenland and another airline can still use the product on applicable terms, read below:

If you have booked a connectiong ticket with Air Greenland and are traveling onwards with either SAS or Icelandair, we make sure that your baggage arrives at your final destination. If you have purchased your tickets separately at different airlines, then unfortunately we will not be able to check your baggage through to your final destination. To have your luggage checked in all the way, you must reach your final destination within the same day.

Please be aware that other airlines can have different baggage allowances in terms of weight and dimensions.

Check your luggage in all the way to or from Sønderborg Airport.

We have the possibility for you to have your luggage checked through to or from Sønderborg Airport with our Alsie Express agreement.

The condition for you to be able to have your luggage checked through with Alsie Express is that there is a minimum 45-minute connection time/transit time between the change of aircraft between Alsie Express and Air Greenland. If the transit time is less than 45 minutes, you cannot take advantage of this option.

The luggage agreement does not cover having weapons and animals checked through as checked in luggage.

When you have had your luggage checked through, you should still go to the appropriate transit centre at Copenhagen Airport to get a boarding pass issued for the onward journey:

Travellers from Sønderborg to Greenland must go to: The transit centre at AVIATOR in Terminal 3

Travellers from Greenland to Sønderborg must go to: The transit centre at SGH in Terminal 3 or go to the correct domestic gate

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