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Booking info

The ealier you book, the cheaper ticket you'll get.

When should you book?

You can usually book your tickets one year in advance, and tickets can be purchased up to 2 hours prior to departure.

Choice of seat

Atlantic route
It’s free of charge to choose your seat on Atlantic routes. Please be adviced that we reserve the right to change your choice in your seat reservation, due to safety reasons. It is not possible to choose your seat on Greenland domestic flights.

Domestic route
We ask our passengers to be aware that from March 12, 2020, will be seat allocation on all our domestic routes with Dash-8.
The passenger's seat number will appear on the boarding pass. If you are unsure which seat you have been assigned, feel free to ask the cabin crew. The seat allocation ensures that families and other groups can sit together on our domestic routes, as on our Atlantic route. This will streamline the work rhythm of Air Greenland's staff and thus reduce the waiting time for our passengers.

On routes domestically in Greenland it is not possible to choose a seat in advance.

Trips with overnight accommodation

Certain long trips between towns in South and North Greenland have an overnight stop en route. In this case you should select “Open return”. See the route map on our website.


If you want to book a roundtrip with a stop along th eway, you can book a "Multistop" ticket.

You can choose up to three destinations in one booking. Eg. from Nuuk to Ilulissat and further on from Ilulissat to Copenhagen.

Multistop Uk

Booking number and ticket

Within a few minutes of making your booking, you’ll receive an itinerary. Print out your travel documents and take them with you on your trip so that you always have your booking number at hand along with your passport and other ID. Check your itinerary carefully. If there are any errors, contact us via this contact form or call the Call Centre on +299 70 12 12 as soon as possible.

Online payment

Payment must be effected when you book. You cannot use the Greenlandic Akiliut card as payment. 

See the credit card fees »

3D Secure

Pr. January 1, 2021 requires payment by card that you must use 3D Secure. This means that you have to approve the payment via SMS or NemID. 

To be able to use 3D Secure, your payment card must be registered with the security solution. Your payment card is registered when both your mobile number and password have been created.

You can register here: Register, change or delete mobile no and eCom password connected to your card

Read more about 3D Secure and secure online payment hereSecurity solutions for payment cards

Group bookings

If you wish to make a group booking for nine or more passengers please contact us at:

Senior discount

Air Greenland offers discounts for pensioners / early retirees on Standard tickets. You can get up to 33% off the normal price of a Standard ticket. The discount depends on which route and season of the year you travel.

Discounts on domestic routes in Greenland apply all year round, while on trips to and from Greenland apply outside the high seasons.

Pension discount for travel to and from Greenland applies during these periods:

06. January 2022 – 31. March 2022
20. April 2022 – 14. June 2022
17. August 2022 – 14. December 2022

04. January 2023 – 26. March 2023
12. April 2023 – 14. June 2023
16. August 2023 – 13. December 2023