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Upgrade, change or refund your ticket

Upgrade, change or refund your ticket

Covid-19: Read about special terms and conditions for rebooking restrictive tickets here

If you have booked your flight directly with Air Greenland, you have access to 'My Flight Ticket' where you can change or refund Air Greenland flights online. Air Greenland has a variety of ticket types, and the possibility of change, upgrade or refund depends on the which ticket type you have purchased.


It is not possible to change time or date, upgrade or refund a Takuss ticket. If you choose to cancel Takuss tickets, you only receive the tax and airport charges as a refund.

Standard and Premium:

Change of time / date

You can change the time or date of your trip for a change fee:

Domestic travels: DKK 500, as well as the possible price difference between the existing travel date and the new travel date.

Atlantic travels: DKK 750, and the possible price difference between the existing travel time and the new travel time.

Note: If the trip is purchased as a single trip (priced and issued overall), you only pay one change fee, which will always be the highest fee, ie. 750 kr. If there are 2 composite journeys (priced and issued separately), a change fee is paid to change each of the journeys. The change fee is charged per time that changes. If you change both outbound and return trips at the same time, one fee will be charged respectively. DKK 750 or DKK 500 depending on whether you are traveling internally or across the Atlantic. If the changes for outbound and return trips are made on two separate occasions - 2x fee will be charged.

Standard and Premium tickets can be changed to a different time of day or to a different date. The new departure time have to be on the same route and have to be with the same traveler, it is not possible to change names on the booking. If you have booked your flight directly with Air Greenland, it is possible to change your ticket online under 'My flight ticket', where the prices will also appear. If you want help with the rebooking from Customer Service, there will be a service charge of 300 DKK in addition to the possible price difference and the change fee. If you have purchased your ticket from a travel agent, please contact them.


When upgrading, the price difference between the existing ticket and the price of the new ticket is paid must be paid, as well as the additional change fee of DKK 750. It is not possible to upgrade a Standard or Premium ticket to a Standard Flex or Premium Flex ticket.

A standard ticket can, on the day of departure, be upgraded free of charge to a Premium ticket online at 'My Flight Ticket' - however against the price difference and only if there is space in the Premium class.

If there are seats and extra catering, it is also possible to upgrade a Standard Ticket to Premium Ticket at the airport upon check-in for a fee of DKK 3,500 and the price difference.


Standard and Premium tickets are non-refundable. If you cancel the ticket, you will receive tax and airport charges only as a refund.

Standard Flex and Premium Flex:

Change of time / date:

If seats are available on the desired routes, you can freely change the departure date / time. If you purchased your ticket directly from Air Greenland, you can make your own changes by logging in through the booking box on the front page, on "My flight ticket" or you can contact us or your travel agent.


The full amount of a Standard Flex and a Premium ticket is always refundable. Please note that a refund fee of DKK 100 is charged.

Read more in the Carriage Regulations

General ticket rules

  • Tickets * can be canceled online up to 2 hours before departure and the refundable value will be refunded to the credit card / Dankort used for the purchase of the trip.
  • Flies and possibly purchased cancellation insurance is non-refundable.
  • Remember that you have a 24-hour cancellation right after purchase for a full refund of the ticket.
  • To change or refund an air ticket, as a private customer, you must log in via booking on the front page by clicking on the "My air ticket" tab.
  • As a business customer, the booking manager of the company must log in to the business portal and access the travel overview.

*Does not apply to Takuss tickets