Change or refund your ticket

Change or refund your ticket

Covid-19: Read about special terms and conditions for rebooking restrictive tickets here

Air Greenland has different types of tickets and the option to change or refund depends on whether your ticket is restrictive or flexible.

Changing tickets

Restrictive tickets
A Economy restrictive ticket* can be upgraded to a Business Restrictive up until 2 hours before departure, provided there is availability. You can upgrade your ticket via our online self-service ’My Ticket’.

*Does not apply to Takuss Restrictive tickets

Flexible tickets
A flexible ticket can be changed up until 2 hours before departure. Via our online self-service, you can change a fully flexible ticket by:

- Change flight depature

- Change ticket type (e.g. upgrade to business)

Refunding tickets

Flexible and restrictive tickets can be cancelled online up to 2 hours before departure and the refundable amount will be refunded to the credit card/debit card that was used to purchase the journey.

  • Flexible tickets will have the ticket price, as well as tax and airport taxes refunded
  • Restrictive tickets will only have the tax and airport tax refunded
  • Flown fares and any purchase of cancellation insurance will not be refunded

To change or refund a ticket, you, as a private customer, have to login via the booking box on the homepage by clicking on the “My ticket” tab. As a business customer, the person in the company responsible for the booking has to login to the business portal and go to the travel overview.