Updated 26.03.20

Under the circumstances of the Covid-19 virus, Air Greenland has initiated a number of different measures in close cooperation with the authorities - the National Labor Office and the police in Greenland. The safety and well-being of our passengers is our main concern, which is why we follow every development closely to best adapt the situation. This page will be updated continuously as the situation develops. 

Please read about the changed terms and conditions below and orient themselves on our FAQ below. You can write us at 

If you are traveling between April 9th and April 20th, please download this file on your computer and fill out this contact form. When you have completed it, simply press SEND. NOTE that the form must be downloaded before filling it out.





Yes, you can buy a ticket on Air Greenland's website from April 9.

We want to ask our customers to be aware that the situation with Covid-19 may change from day to day. If the authorities extend the flight ban and thus affect the customer's travel date, the customer will be refunded all his money.

You can follow this website, which will always be updated as the authorities announce it, or follow the announcements on the National Medical Board's website

When there is more than 1 person per person. booking, the refund is first passed on to the first person's ticket. Then the remaining refund will be applied to all other persons in the same booking in a few days.

Yes. If you wish, download this form to your computer, fill out the form and press SEND FORM.

Please note that it may take up to 6 weeks for you to receive the money depending on which debit card you used to purchase the trip.


As announced by the authorities all flights from Friday March 20 at 00:00 till April 8 at 00:00 will be cancelled. There will continue to be emergency preparedness controlled by the authorities.


As of Friday night March 20 at 00:00 until Wednesday April 8 at 00:00.


You will get a refund if your flight is cancelled. Customers with an itinerary between March 20 and April 8 purchased directly on Air Greenland’s website or via Customer Service will receive the refund automatically. They do not have to contact Customer Service. You can expect up to 6 weeks before the refund will reach you depending on the credit card used for the purchase.

If you ticket has been purchased via a travel agent, please contact the travel agency.


We will automatically refund all tickets that was scheduled from Friday night March 20 at 00:00 until Saturday April 8 at 00:00.
Depending on the type of debit card used for the payment, it may take up to 6 weeks for the refund to take place. We therefore ask our customers to be patient. The following can be expected depending on debit card:
- Dankort / Visa: it can take up to 1 week before the money is in the customer's account
- Mastercard gold / Mastercard debit: it can take up to 6 weeks before the money is in the customer's account depending on the customer's bank


No. Do not call Customer Service, this will happen automatically.
Depending on the type of your debit card, it can take up to 6 weeks for the refund to take place. we therefore ask our customers to be patient. See above.


If your ticket is rebooked at a time after Wednesday, April 8th until April 20th, you will not be automatically refunded. If you would like a refund, please contact customer service at

If your ticket is rebooked at a time before Saturday April 4th the refund will happen automatically and you don’t have to do anything.


We follow the authorities' announcements and adapt regularly. We will update this page according to what the authorities decide.


If your outbound and return journey is on the same ticket, the entire ticket will be automatically refunded.

If your return ticket is after Wednesday, April 8, and on a different ticket than your departure ticket please contact our Customer Service by mail

Please remember to state your name on the ticket, reservation number and telephone number in the mail.
Customer service will then ensure that your return ticket is also refunded. 


First and foremost, always follow the instructions of the Police in Greenland and the Greenlandic National Board of Health and keep yourself informed. You can do that from the National Board of Health’s recommendations and information about Covid-19.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Air Greenland is taking a variety of measures. We are following every development closely, and the safety and well-being of our passengers is our main concern. We are in close contact with the National Board of Health and follow their instructions at all times. We have reviewed our processes and contingency plans and provided additional equipment as a precaution, such as gloves for personnel and masks, as well as additional disinfectants for our aircraft.

In addition, we have extended cleaning after each flight and at our check-in counter we have set up extra handshakes. We remind all our guests to keep a good distance when traveling at the airport and follow the authorities' recommendations.

All service, newspapers included, onboard Air Greenlands domestic flights have been removed to minimize the risk of infection spread. On the longer routes to Qaanaaq and Kefleavik, there will continue to be a smaller serving on board.

We recommend all passengers to maintain good hand hygiene and preferably travel with hand sanitizer - if you are travelling from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq you can carry up to 2 liters of hand sanitizer in your hand luggage. If you are travelling from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen you can carry 10 ml. hand sanitizer.
If you feel unwell or ill while travelling, please contact our cabin crew or station staff if it is in transit - they are trained to take care of you.
We encourage all travelers to check in online at our site


You must comply with the recommendations of the health authorities, and contact them with any questions.


You must contact the cabin crew or station staff who will inform you what to do.
You can read what the symptoms of Corona infection are on the website of the Medical Examiner's Office. For health issues, please contact Naalakkersuisut's hotline +299 801100.


The authorities have not issued restrictions on air traffic, so we have considered that we can continue our operation on all our routes unchanged. The authorities referred to here are the Police in Greenland and the National Board of Health.


All air in the cabin of an Airbus aircraft is changed on average every three minutes, even if filtered and recirculated air is included. That is a much higher level of circulation than what is experienced in other indoor environments and gives passengers up to 80 times more oxygen than they need to breathe. These filters have been tested to ensure the air quality required for e.g. an operating room in a hospital and catches viruses with extremely high efficiency. Therefore, based on the authorities' recommendation, we have estimated that there can be more than 100 people on board Airbus flights between Denmark and Greenland without further increasing the risk of infection.


We ask our passengers to be aware of seat allocation on all our domestic routes with Dash-8.
The passenger's seat number will appear on the boarding pass. If you are unsure which seat you have been assigned, feel free to ask the cabin crew.
The seat allocation ensures that families and other groups can sit together on our domestic routes. At the same time, it will streamline the work rhythm of Air Greenland's staff and thus reduce the waiting time for our passengers. The initiative has been in process since the turn of the year, but has been established per year. March 12, 2020, following the recommendation of the Greenlandic Authorities.


Air Greenland must follow the recommendations and restrictions issued by the Greenland authorities, the Police in Greenland and the National Medical Examiner's Office.