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Passport, VISA and transit permit

Here's everything you need to know about passport, visa and travel permit.

To Greenland

You do not need a visa to Greenland if you are a Nordic citizen. A visa to Denmark does not automatically give you access to Greenland and you should obtain further information with the Danish Immigration Services. If you travel without a valid visa Air Greenland can deny your boarding without any liability for your onwards journey.

Check out what nationalities are required to have visa to travel to Greenland on

You need to be able to identify yourself when travelling, so bring a valid picture id, e.g. your passport.

More information about visas and how to apply can be found on the website of Government of Greenland »

Transit permit to Pituffik (Thule Air Base)

Passengers on routes to and from Qaanaaq via Thule Air Base must always – regardless of duration – have a valid transit permit with them. Passengers without a permit will be turned away at check-in.

NB: See section on “No rules without exceptions.”  

How to apply for transit permit

Citizens resident in Greenland with Danish citizenship

A permit can be applied for from:
The High Commissioner of Greenland,
Indaleeqqap Agg. 3,
3900 Nuuk.
Telephone +299 32 10 01
or via

Citizens resident in Denmark or other countries

A permit can be applied for from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Asiatisk Plads 2, Copenhagen. Telephone + 45 33 92 01 70 or via

No rules without exceptions

The following persons can stay at Thule Air Base for shorter or longer periods without a transit permit:

  • Citizens with registered address in the former Municipality of Qaanaaq
  • Members of NATO forces and their families
  • Civilians posted by the USA with work-related business at the base, and their families
  • Representatives of Danish or Greenlandic authorities
  • Persons with special authorisation from the Danish and American governments