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Pregnancy and health

Flying at 900 km/h at an altitude of 10 kilometres isn’t harmful in itself. For certain passengers, expectant mothers, the chronically ill and others, however, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account.


If you are expecting a child:

  • You are allowed to travel on your own until 4 weeks prior to your expected due date.
  • If you are traveling between 4 to 2 weeks prior to your expected due date, you will need a note from your doctor, and the flight time cannot exceed more than 4 hours.
  • 2 weeks or less to your expected due date: Oversea flights between Denmark and Greenland are not accepted at this time of the pregnancy.

If you are expecting twins or multiple births:

  • If you are traveling between 12 to 8 weeks prior to your expected due date, you will need a note from your doctor, and the flight time cannot exceed more than 4 hours.
  • We don't recommend you to travel between 8-4 weeks prior to your due date, but under some circumstances the chief pilot can authorize the travel. In that case you will need a note from your doctor, and the flight time cannot exceed more than 4 hours.
  • You are not allowed to travel 4 weeks or less to expected due date.

Under the influence of alcohol?

The pressure in the cabin may result in your body reacting differently to alcohol than you’re used to. For reasons of safety and due to consideration of the other passengers onboard we may refuse passengers at the gate. We can also refuse to serve alcohol during the flight.

Electronic cigarettes

Air Greenland does not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board. Electronic cigarettes are realistic looking substitute cigarettes that generate vapour, which looks like smoke. They are not a safety hazard, but their use on board is not allowed - as they may give anyone, who is not familiar with them - the perception that smoking is permitted. 

Are you chronically ill?

Passengers suffering from heart or respiratory problems can feel discomfort due to the pressure conditions in the cabin. A rule of thumb is as follows: If you can walk up and down a flight of stairs to the first floor without any difficulties, then you’re also fit enough to fly. It’s always a good idea to seek medical advice from your GP.

Have you recently undergone an operation?

Seek medical advice from your GP before you travel.

Are you contagious?

If you’re suffering from the following, you aren’t allowed to fly during the period in which you’re still contagious:

  • Measles
  • German measles
  • Chickenpox

If you’re suffering from whooping cough or mumps, you aren’t allowed to fly while you’re still ill.

In general you are not allowed to fly if you're carrying any dangerous contagious deceases.

Special needs?

If you need help en route, you can reserve help at the place where you purchased your trip. Do this as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours prior to departure. Whatever the circumstances, the reservation by mail or by telephone to Air Greenland or to your travel agency must be as comprehensive as possible so we know exactly what we need to have ready at check-in and need to do to help you until you reach your final destination.

We can help

  • Travellers with reduced mobility in the form of assistance with wheelchairs
  • Unaccompanied children
  • For travellers with infants we have carrycots on our Airbus Norsaq
  • Elderly travellers with baggage, etc.
  • Travellers who have difficulties communicating; interpreting, translation, etc.
  • Other examples – please don’t hesitate to ask

Blind passengers

Passengers with visual impairment are allowed to bring an escort during the travel, if the person are not able to travel alone before, during and after the flight. The escort get 100% discount on the ticket, but we need to see documentation from Dansk Blindesamfund (or equivalent), which gives the right to bring an escort. Administration fee and airport taxes must be paid. To book a ticket to an escort, please contact our callcenter. Passengers with both visual and hearing impairments are not allowed to travel without an escort.

Blind passengers with guide dogs

Travellers with severe visual impairment may bring dogs onto the aircraft. The dog must be kept on a lead and fitted with a muzzle. It mustn’t take up a seat or block the aisle. Contact us in plenty of time when flying to or from Greenland to Denmark, so any permits can be sorted out prior to your journey.

Medicine and oxygen

Take all necessary medicine with you in your cabin baggage so that it’s easily available. If you’ll be needing oxygen en route, please contact us in good time prior to your flight.

Special assistance at Copenhagen Airport

Falck is ready to provide assistance to wheelchair users or people with severe physical disabilities. Order assistance from the place where you purchased your flight, and no later than 48 hours prior to departure. At check-in please draw attention to the fact that you’ve requested special assistance.