Special baggage items

Items other than suitcases and bags can also be taken on our aircraft. However, there are particular matters of which you should be aware.

Lithium batteries

You are welcome to bring loose lithium batteries in your hand luggage if they are below 100wh per. pieces.

If you want to bring loose batteries of more than 100wh per. pieces, you must obtain permission from Air Greenland. You may bring a maximum of 2 pieces, and they may not be more than 160wh per. pieces. In addition, the equipment for which the batteries are to be used must be brought along with the batteries.

Please contact us here if you want to bring loose batteries of more than 100wh per. pieces.

If you want to carry lithium-ion batteries over 160wh, these must be sent as dangerous goods.

Batteries that are part of an electronic device (eg mobile phone, computer, etc.) may only be carried in hand luggage. The vast majority of electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, have batteries that are less than 100wh and can be carried freely in hand luggage.

If you are in doubt about the size of the battery, you can check this on the manufacturer's website.

It is not allowed to bring loose batteries in checked luggage.

Prams and pushchairs

The weight of prams and pushchairs is included in the total baggage weight. They must be properly packed in a pram travel bag or similar. A travel bag can be bought in all Greenlandic airports and costs DKK 50. In Copenhagen you can buy such a bag in the airport cloakrooms in Terminal 2.


If you are a wheelchair user, you can take your wheelchair with you free of charge. Contact us in good of time before your departure and specify the weight and dimensions of the wheelchair. The wheelchair must be checked in along with your other baggage. It must be packed so that it does not cause any damage to other items in the hold or suffer any damage itself. Air Greenland assumes no liability for any damage to the wheelchair if it is not suitably packed. If you need to borrow a wheelchair at the airport, you can pre-book one.


Bikes can be taken onto the plane within the permitted weight limit. We cannot guarantee, however, that your bike will be on the same plane as the one on which you are traveling. Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to take your bike with you. Turn the handlebars parallel to the frame and remove the pedals in order to prevent damage to the bike or to other items of baggage. 

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Passengers and crew keep any Samsung Galaxy Note7 device that has not been replaced as mentioned above turned off, do not charge it while on board of the aircraft and do not put these devices inside the checked baggage.


Segboards can not be brought along as neither handbaggage or as baggage in cargo hold. Segboards batteries are considered as dangerous goods.
Please contact our freight department is you wish to send your segboard: gohfb@airgreenland.gl 

Skiing equipment

Skis, a pair of ski poles and a pair of ski boots that are properly packed can make up part of the baggage that can be transported in the hold. Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to take your skiing equipment with you

Fishing equipment

If the total weight of your baggage does not exceed 20 kg (30 kg on business class), this equipment can be taken free of charge. Fishing rods must be put into a tube of impact-resistant material. 


Backpacks must be placed in a robust plastic or fabric travel bag so that the straps don’t get caught in the baggage belts.

Musical instruments

We charge an excess baggage fee if the total weight of the instrument and the rest of your baggage exceeds the specified limits.

If the musical instrument is transported on a separate seat in the cabin, you will be charged for an extra seat. Read more in the following section “extraordinary cabin baggage.”

NB: A double bass may not be taken into the cabin and there are special rules for cellos. The cello may not be placed at emergency exits or in the first row behind an emergency exit or partition. The instrument must be placed on the floor against the seat in front and secured with an extended safety belt. 

Extraordinary cabin baggage

In special circumstances we accept bulky baggage in the cabin on a seat that has been booked and paid for this purpose in advance. 

Maximum weight pr. item: 50 kg.

Total weight of cabin baggage placed on a seat: 75 kg.

Max. dimensions:

Type of aircraft Max. dimensions (cm)
A330: 150 x 50 x 35
DHC-8: 135 x 40 x 35
DHC-7, BE20 (Kingair): 135 x 40 x 35

Weapons and ammunition

Weapons and ammunition are generally accepted as checked-in baggage. Check-in must be completed no later than 1½ hours before departure. You must bring a valid weapon permit with you, and a declaration has to be completed and signed.

Download and fill out the weapon declaration here »

 A permit must be applied for in the following situations:

Weapons between Greenland and Denmark: State weapon type, caliber, manufacturing number, etc. The permit is issued by the chief constable’s office in Greenland/Denmark provided that an import permit from the relevant police district in Denmark/Grønland is presented.

Weapons that are carried on flights from countries other than Denmark to Greenland: Export permit from native country and valid blue EU weapons passport.

Weapons of any nature are accepted only as baggage that is checked into the hold. Weapons must be correctly and neutrally packed, and ammunition and any bolts must be removed and packed separately.

On check-in, the passenger must state the following:

  • Weapon type: rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver or other
  • Ammunition type: pointed projectile, lead shot, steel shot or other (projectiles may not contain explosive substances or incendiary substances).
  • Weight of ammunition – max. permitted weight 5 kg

Special cases

Weapons that are transported on domestic flights in Greenland by permanent residents of Greenland do not require a permit.

  • Pursuant to legislation, special permission can be obtained to acquire, possess, carry, use, export or import weapons and ammunition.
  • Following special permission from the Danish Transport Authority, permission can be obtained to transport weapons and ammunition.

Deep-frozen foodstuffs

We recommend that our passengers send deep-frozen goods as air cargo in order to prevent the consignment from being damaged en route.

As an exception, deep-frozen foodstuffs can be accepted in the hold in accordance with the following guidelines if the total journey time does not exceed eight hours:

  • Transport takes place at your own risk and in a separate bag labeled ‘deep-frozen foodstuffs’.
  • Foodstuffs must be packaged in plastic or other waterproof material in the separate bag.
  • Make an arrangement with the personnel at check-in that the frozen goods can be kept in a freezer until shortly before departure.
  • If possible, the goods should be stowed in an unheated hold. 


Passengers that wish to transport meat between Denmark and Greenland must obtain information concerning current rules and regulations from: 

Ministry of Fishing, Hunting and Agriculture 
Veterinary Office in Nuuk 
Postboks 269 
3900 Nuuk

Read the Government of Greenland’s "Rules concerning the import of animal foodstuffs from Greenland to Denmark by private individuals" »

Air Greenland cannot be held liable if passengers contravene applicable rules.


It is not legal for tourist or visitors to export stones out of Greenland (according to the Greenlandic law.
If you legally have bought jewelry with stone in it and you have the receipt you can bring them with you out of Greenland.

If the export is related to research or similar you can apply for an export license here:

The Mineral License and Safety Authority

Tel: (+299) 34 68 00
Fax: (+299) 32 43 02
E-mail: mlsa@nanoq.gl

Hunting trophies

Contact a shipping agent regarding export of hunting trophies.

You can also read the Ministry of Environment and Food's regulations regarding import of hunting trophies from Greenland.