Travelling with animals

The import or export of live animals requires permission from the Government of Greenland. Air Greenland does not permit animals on board without the necessary certificates and permits.

Live animals

If you wish to have a pet with you on your flight, it’s a good idea to contact us well in advance, as we need to state it on your booking.

We recommend that you contact Air Greenland before you book your flight, as we can´t guarantee transportations with animals on certain departures. When travelling to Greenland, you must get an import permit from the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen. At check-in you also need to fill out a "Certificate for transportation of animals", which you'll find at the buttom of this page. The price for transporting live animals and pet carriers, if necessary, corresponds to the rate for excess baggage. The total weight of pet carrier and animal cannot be included in the 20 and 30 kg of permitted baggage respectively. We don’t sell pet carriers for dogs or other animals.

It is not possible to buy excess baggage online for transport of animals. Payment for transport of animals has to take place during check-in.

Any questions regarding the paperwork should be directed towards the Government of Greenland:

Animals in the cabin as hand luggage

  • Only dogs ang cats are accepted as animals in the cabin. All other animals must be transported in the hold or sent as air freight.
  • The container or pet carrier must be waterproof and its dimensions may not exceed 55x40x23 cm.
  • The animal must remain in the pet carrier throughout the entire flight.
  • We recommend that animals in the cabin are carried in soft transportation bags that can be placed under the seat.
  • The combined weight of the animal and the carrier must not exceed 8 kg. We charge payment per kilo, irrespective of the weight of the rest of your cabin baggage.
  • The animal must not be a nuisance – including obnoxious smells – to the other passengers.
  • It can be a good idea to give the animal a sedative prior to the flight.

Animals in the hold

  • The animal must be transported in a certified pet carrier whose dimensions do not exceed 102x69x76 cm.
  • The pet carrier must be strong, waterproof, clean and disinfected, and equipped with containers for water and food.
  • The bottom of the carrier must be covered with a moisture-absorbent material such as wood shavings or sawdust. Straw and hay may not be used.
  • The pet carrier must be constructed such that the animal cannot escape, hurt itself or damage the rest of the cargo.
  • The size of the carrier must be such that the animal can stand up in a natural position, turn around and lay down again.
  • Wire netting is not allowed.
  • It can be a good idea to give the animal a sedative prior to the flight.

Download: "Certificate for transportation of animals" »

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