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In-Flight service

Time simply flies by when you’re treated to good service, can enjoy good food and entertainment, do some shopping and, not least, relax in your seat. Don’t hesitate to ask the cabin crew if you need a pillow or blanket.

Food and drink


On slightly longer trips flying on a Dash-8 we serve coffee, tea, juice or water. On short trips and helicopter flights we serve a good view and a warm smile. Please contact the cabin crew if you need something to drink.

Between Greenland and Denmark:

We have an extensive free range of drinks, a meal and of course coffee and tea. Special wishes concerning vegetarian dishes, children or babies should be ordered when booking your flight.

Between Iceland and Greenland:

We serve coffee, tea and sandwiches free of charge.


On all flights between Greenland and Denmark we offer a varied programme of entertainment, consisting of films, music, cartoons and music channels. Read more in our in-flight magazine, SULUK, which can be found in the seat pocket in front of you. It’s also here you’ll find a headset that you’re welcome to use free of charge.

NB: On flights with companies other than Air Greenland, we cannot guarantee that you can see films, listen to music or buy tax-free goods.

In-flight magazine

In-flight magazine SULUK is a great read, attractively presented and written in three languages. The magazine covers Greenland, culture, events and much more besides. You’ll find SULUK in the Club Timmisa app – look forward to a great read!


Arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed

We’re always there for you! Contact our personnel if you don’t feel well en route. Here are one or two tips about how to make your journey as comfortable as possible: Drink plenty of water or juice, put on loose clothing and incorporate a good habit and a diversion into your routine. It’s a good idea to flex your arms and legs for five minutes every hour. You can also leave your seat and walk up and down the aisle – but remember not to disturb the other passengers or the personnel.


Different time zones, different reactions! Your body can’t read the dial on your watch or clock – it reacts in its own particular way. You may experience problems sleeping, upset stomach, headache and fatigue when you land after a flight spanning several time zones. Flying from west to east is always the worst – e.g. from Greenland to Denmark. A journey eastwards means fewer hours in the day.

A couple of tips:

Sleep as much as possible onboard the aircraft and follow the circadian rhythm at your destination as soon as you arrive. Try to stay awake and drink plenty of water and juice.