Air Greenland Charter

With Air Greenland as a partner, you get competence, efficient flight hours and local anchoring.

Air Greenland Charter

As a customer of Air Greenland Charter, you get your tasks solved by versatile, efficient aircraft and helicopters - and experienced pilots. We have more than 60 years of experience flying in the Arctic. The challenges of operating in deserted areas with weak infrastructure and harsh climates are routine for us. We each know a corner of the colossal land. The Arctic is our home ground.


Our infrastructure is fine-grained and robust. Air Greenland has stations, hangars, aircraft mechanics and other staff in most Greenlandic cities, and at our main workshop in Nuuk we have a spare parts warehouse. Therefore, we are quickly back in the air after a possible downtime - and save you costly interruptions to your project during the short, hectic season.


With us, know-how goes hand in hand with know-who - and it also benefits you: If something is burning, we know who to contact - everywhere in Greenland!


When you choose Air Greenland to solve your tasks, you choose an active partnership with the Greenlandic community. Our red planes and helicopters signal jobs, training places and turnover - for the benefit of Greenland and for your future in Greenland.


Also in your company's ethical and green accounts, it will count on the plus side to choose us as your charter operator: Air Greenland is committed to complying with the UN's principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. As the first Greenlandic company, we joined the UN Global Compact in 2010, which entails commitments on human rights, the environment, working conditions and anti-corruption. It is an investment - also in your future in Greenland.


We are certified BARS GOLD
Air Greenland has a high safety culture. We are certified BARS GOLD. The BARS Program is a ISO9001:2015 certified quality management system. This recognizes the Program with an international standard of excellence.


It is a risk-based model framed against the actual threats posed to aviation operations, particularly those that occur within challenging and remote environments.


Air Greenland believes that the BARS program is tailored to the tasks and environment we work under, which is why it is part of Air Greenland's safety culture. This recognizes the Program with an international standard of excellence.