Traffic Assistant

The daily work of a traffic assistant consists of

Has responsibilities in providing customers with an excellent service experience so they feel comfortable and safe before and after a flight

Makes check in of passengers and services passengers when they are out at the airport during a trip, where they, among other things. also arranges boarding of travelers and welcomes them on arrival

Handles luggage and freight in connection with. air traffic

Performs administrative tasks

One must be willing to work at all hours of the day

Traffik Thala (2)


Started per. September 1 and lasts for 12 months, starting with a 6-week theoretical introductory course in Nuuk, which must be passed before the education can continue

You are seconded to 2 different stations after passing the introductory course, where you undergo an ‘on-the-job training’, peer training at airports, offices and freight terminals.

Subjects completed: Service, company knowledge, reservation systems, baggage search systems, safety and security, hazardous substances in luggage and shipments, first aid, basic radio communication, checkout functions

Finishes with an exam at the end of August

Qualification and requirements for the education

GU exam with English and mathematics at B-level and with at least 7 on average in each subject (new scale)

Alternatively, you must at least have an HF single-subject test in Danish and at B-level have English and mathematics with at least 7 in each subject (new scale)

Clean CRB check

Age limit of 35 years and good health (documented by an aviation doctor)


You get aspirant salary according to current rates in Air Greenland.


The education starts on 1 September

Application deadline: 15 May. The training begins on 1 September

The application is sent via. Our job posting on our website, where you must also submit your CV (5 years back), criminal record

Attach or attach copies of diplomas, criminal record, CV (5 years back) and copy of passport, as well as any statements and baptismal certificate, as well as a personal application where you tell about school background, possible work experience, hobbies and more. Send an application when we have posted a job advertisement on our website www.airgreenland.gl The deadline is 15 May.

Hear more about the training at Air Greenland on +299 34 34 34 or at hr@airgreenland.gl