Air Greenland logo

The Air Greenland Logo is made up of three specially drawn elements. The Air Greenland Logotype and the Air Greenland Symbol and the defining background. The ice flower draws on associations to both an ice flower, indications of directions of travel on a map and the tale wing of an airplane – the three elements together accentuates the similarities with the outer lines of an airplane.

Description of logo

The Air Greenland Logo is made up of 3 elements: The Air Greenland logotype, the Air Greenland symbol and the defining graphical background – trapezium. These elements and their relationship should never be altered or modified in any way when shown together. The logotype should always be followed by the star.

The ice flower

The ice flower is sometimes used as a graphical element on its own. Typically on social media, where an image of equal hight and length is needed. It can also be used as graphical design element on its own with transparency. The relationship in size and placement of the dots must never be altered.

Red protection area – a trapezium – with inclination to the left

The logo is preferably used with a triangular shape to the left – a trapezium. It is a more dynamic and characteristic shape, than the earlier used static rectangle. With the inclination, the red protections area adds meaning to the logo resembling the airplanes.

The logo for airport boards only

The minimum redspace is defined as the y-height of the logotype around the outer edges of the logo – as showed below. It is in allowed to give more space to the top of the red box, and to the left – the tail – but not to the bottom and not to the right.


The height of the rectangle has been made smaller in 2017 to give the letterhead a better percentage cover of the rectangle – especially when used on boards against other other airline logos.

Air on 3 sides of the logo – the right side should stick to an edge

The logo should always be placed on the right side of a format. Either towards the top or towards the bottom of the page.


See templates and other print products for examples.


Sometimes – extra red space to the right for extra bleed

As the logo should always be placed to the right and always be placed to the edge, it will sometimes make sence to give some extra red space to the right to secure safes pace space around the log – if the cutting should be inaccurate.

Download our logo here