VM 4: Quality education

Over the last 60 years, Air Greenland has trained more than 1,000 people, as people, now part of the company and as people in other functions, where they contribute to the continued development of society

Our vision is to help increase the number of educated people in Greenland, and we want to be the natural first choice when pupils, apprentices and students have to find student and internship places, right from the first internship in primary school.


We make many initiatives, and not only in aviation-specific training, as we also offer leadership and competence development to our employees. It is our goal to develop our employees' competencies so that it ensures a strong customer focus throughout the organization, and contributes to the development of local competencies.


Leadership development

For current employees who are about to take over a management position, we offer the necessary training so that they can be dressed in the best possible way for the position they will soon be holding.


Competence development

For employees who, by and large, have the necessary competencies to handle their position, but are just missing a course within a specific field, we offer that they can take the necessary courses to build the expected skill.

It is also offered to both current and future employees.



We offer apprenticeships in several departments, where it is possible to be trained directly from Air Greenland.

With the trainee courses, more people get the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications regardless of background, and help to create greater diversity, because we get locally anchored people into the system, who after the course can continue their education according to their own wishes.


Talent development 

We have integrated a talent policy into our education strategy. The purpose of the policy is to develop talents for vital functions.The policy focuses on developing locally based competencies, and prioritizing an increased customer focus and developing a LEAN culture of improvement.


The Greenlandic job fair

The Greenlandic job fair is an annual event where students in Denmark with connections to Greenland can come and hear about what opportunities they have to get a job in their home country after graduation and if they need to start their thesis or final thesis.

Several larger companies from Greenland participate time and time again in the fair with the common goal of giving the students inspiration and the opportunity to come home again when the study is finished.

As part of our goal to become the natural first choice, and to give our in the ambition to get as many as possible home again after graduating in Denmark and abroad, we also participate in the Greenlandic job fair, of which we are also a part steering group to.