Boarding In Kangerlussuaq

Fly 'n Sleep

With Fly ‘n sleep you can travel cheaply between Greenland and Denmark with a stop on the road in Kangerlussuaq from only DKK 1,595 one-way. The stop in Kangerlussuaq gives you fantastic opportunities to experience Kangerlussuaq, the Russel Glacier by the ice sheet or a hike in the fantastic nature before you travel on to your final destination.

You can choose between four exciting destinations: Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat to / from Copenhagen. Remember that you have to buy the accommodation in Kangerlussuaq yourself.

Book well in advance so you are sure to get a seat.

Book in advance

Old Camp Kangerlussuaq

Overnight at Old Camp in Kangerlussuaq for only 395, - pr. person incl. breakfast

Kangerlussuaq is a small settlement, which houses Greenland's largest international airport, therefore most accommodation options are close to the airport.

In collaboration with Albatros Arctic Circle, we have the opportunity to offer you an overnight stay at Old Camp in Kangerlussuaq for only DKK 395 per person in a shared double room incl. breakfast, transfer to/from Old Camp and Wi-Fi.


How to book:

You must book your accommodation directly with Albatros Arctic Circle by sending an email to or calling +299 84 10 16. When booking, please refer to Fly’n Sleep and state the number of people, date, flight number and time of arrival.


Would you rather book flight and overnight stay together?

In collaboration with the Greenland Travel Agency and Old Camp in Kangerlussuaq, you can book flights and hotels at the same time, so you do not have to book accommodation yourself. It includes breakfast and costs from only DKK 2,495 per person. person in a shared double room. When hotels and flights are booked at the same time, you are also covered by the Package Travel Act.

Musk Oxen Couple In Summer. Photo Magnus Elander, Visit Greenland (2)

Unique experiences in Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq is a settlement that houses the largest international airport in Greenland, therefore most accommodations are situated close to the airport.

Fly 'n Sleep is a fantastic opportunity to get many Greenlandic experiences richer - and even during your flight. Use your stay in Kangerlussuaq to experience the majestic Russell Glacier and enjoy the view of the Ice Sheet, or take a hike in the hinterland of Kangerlussuaq and enjoy the magnificent Arctic nature just outside the airport.

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  • 20 kg of checked baggage and one piece of hand luggage included.
  • The accommodation in Kangerlussuaq is purchased separately and is not included in the price of the ticket.
  • The ticket cannot be changed or refunded after 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Food is only included on the flight between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq, on other flights coffee, water and cookies are served.
  • Fly 'n sleep is a one-way trip, but you can of course buy Fly 'n sleep both ways.
  • Please note that booking of accommodation at Old Camp is made between you and Albatros Arctic Circle. Air Greenland cannot provide assistance with booking or booking a room. Air Greenland can also not guarantee the availability of rooms.