General cargo

Air Greenland offers all kinds of General Cargo on our route network.

We can also carry the following categories

Refrigeration (RFC) and freezer shipments (RFZ)

  • Dangerous Goods (DG) *
  • Live Animals (AVI) *
  • Coffins (HUM)*

*Booking for DG – AVI and HUM shipments from or to Denmark must be made through your freight forwarder.


Dropping off DG shipments for domestic shipments must be done through your freight forwarder.


For further information, please contact the nearest Air Greenland freight terminal or write to us.



If the cargo is shipped as General Cargo, the transport will be carried out whenever possible on a scheduled flight. Air Greenland assumes no responsibility for late arrival of the shipment or its deterioration or damage as a result of the delay.


However, it is possible to upgrade to our priority product TUAVI (only in Greenland)


Contact the nearest airport in Greenland for an upgrade.


Tuavi upgrade

If there is suddenly a need for faster delivery of a General Cargo shipment, it can be upgraded to the TUAVI Air Greenland domestic express freight product.


Upgrade Fee: DKK 1000 plus the TUA rate to the final destination.


Valid from 1 January 2023

Air Freight Charges


Air Waybill Fee (AWB fee) DKK 65,00
Charges Collect Fee (CC FEE) 3% of the freight amount min. DKK 100,00
Insurance Premium (INC FEE) 1% of insurance sum  min. DKK 100,00
Dangerous Goods Fee (RAC FEE) DKK 600,00
Live Animals (AVI FEE) DKK 200,00
Fuel Surcharge / Atlant (MYC FEE) DKK 11,00 pr. Kg. (1/1-23)
Subject to change
Fuel Surcharge / Internal
Greenland (MZC FEE)
Fuel Surcharge shall not be calculated in the Service Contact Areas
DKK 2,40 pr. Kg. (1/5-18)
Subject to change
Charges Correction Adv. (CCA FEE) DKK 400,00

Security Fee (SCC FEE)
in Kangerlussuaq / Narsarsuaq

DKK 5,95 pr. Kg.
Upgrade to TUA to TUA (MED FEE) DKK 1.000,00



Special Rater


Coffins / Urns (HUM Rate) 200% af gen. Rate
Live Animals (AVI FEE) 200% af gen. Rate



Clearance and Handling


Valid from: 1st April 2012


1-100 KG 85,00
101-200 KG 170,00

201-300 KG

301-400 KG 325,00
401-500 KG 400,00
501-600 KG 475,00
601-700 KG 525,00
701-800 KG 600,00
801-900 KG 650,00
901-1000 KG 700,00
per started 1000 KG 650,00


The Clearance and Handling fee is calculated on the basis of gross weight.


For further information about prices and conditions, please contact the nearest Air Greenland freight terminal, airport, sales office or write to us.