We are working on getting the many passengers who are delayed to their destinations

We are working on getting the many passengers who are delayed to their destinations

We are hoping to be finished by the end of this weekend, with getting all affected passengers to their destinations.

Our back up plane is unfortunately out due to technical issues, and we have therefore no extra available airplanes at the moment.
We are working hard to get it ready as soon as possible.

For the passengers in South Greenland, there are a new schedule for the weekend, and have also rented some boats to and from Narsarsuaq.
We will provide the delayed passengers with accommodation and meal vouchers, please contact the local airport/heliport, for further information.

Please find the latest information and keep you updated on https://www.airgreenland.com/data-pages/irr-settings/other/ or via the Club Timmisa app.

We recommend our customers to contact us in writing via this form

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our travelers.

These cities are affected

We take care of you

We always do everything we can to get you to your destination, but even the best plans cannot take everything into account, especially the weather in the Arctic playing a crucial role. We have therefore gathered everything you need on this page, should you unexpectedly be delayed or experience changes on your flight.

Stay updated

In the event of a delay or change to your trip, we will send an SMS or email with your new itinerary.

Therefore, remember that we must always have the number and e-mail you use on your trip with us, so that we can contact you. You can easily update your information under 'My Booking' through the front page.

If you have booked your ticket with someone other than Air Greenland, such as a travel agency them.

You can also follow your flight on our website under flight info, on the information screens at the airport or in our Club Timmisa app. Remember to activate the follow flight function on the app, so you will receive a notification immediately if your flight should be changed.

Rebooking and refund of ticket

We always strive to find an alternative departure for you, so that you can reach your destination as quickly as possible.

If your new itinerary is not accommodating, you can contact us via this form and request another itinerary or refund. Our customer service is open for telephone inquiries (GMT-3) from Monday to Friday at 10-14 and Saturday at 09-12.

If you have lost the purpose of your trip, you have a right to get a refund of your trip.

If you have bought your trip from someone other than Air Greenland, these are the ones you must contact in connection with rebooking or refunding of the trip.

Information about refreshments, meals, transportation and accomodation

In the Arctic regions, delays can unfortunately often become part of the travel experience, therefore the staff at the airport will do their best to help you. In case of a longer delay, we offer travelers a voucher for a meal and if the delay should continue, we will make sure you get a hotel accommodation.

Your rights as a passenger

Depending on the situation, you can have a right to financial compensation. Therefore, read your rights as a passenger in this folder. However, we would like to point out that Air Greenland is not responsible for changes caused by weather conditions.