Monday, September 19, 2022

Air Greenland supports the sport - again

On Thursday 15 September, Air Greenland and the Greenland Sports Confederation signed a main sponsorship agreement to support Greenland's participation in the Arctic Winter Games 2023 to be held in Canada.

The agreement includes Air Greenland flying Greenland's participants, representatives and audience to Kangerlussuaq. From there they will be flown by the Norsaq Atlantic aircraft to Wood Buffalo in the state of Alberta before the Arctic Winter Games, which begin on 29 January, and will be picked up again when the Games end on 4 February.


The agreement is worth almost 1.7 million DKK and is the largest sponsorship deal Air Greenland has signed in recent years.

AB P7279

- For us, this sponsorship is about fulfilling part of our social responsibility so that Greenland participates in one of the largest sporting and cultural events in the Arctic. It is important that we, as the country's national airline, facilitate that young sportsmen and women can meet, not only at the national championships, but also across national borders. It helps build friendships and encourages motivation to participate in sport if you can see a higher purpose in representing your community, city or country," says Air Greenland's Commercial Director, Henrik Søe. Photo: Abel Berthelsen 

The Greenland Sports Federation is pleased with the support from Air Greenland.

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- With the sponsorship, Air Greenland is helping to give many of our young sports talents the opportunity to strengthen their sporting development, but also to give them valuable experiences with young people from the other Arctic countries in a cultural and sporting exchange, which Arctic Winter Games just forms the framework for.
Active communities such as these have such great value - for the young athletes - but also in our society in general.
We greatly appreciate Air Greenland's support for this and its renewed commitment to sport as the main sponsor of the Arctic Winter Games, says Nuka Kleemann. Photo: Abel Berthelsen 

Air Greenland is planning to put air tickets on sale for the public.

Better planning

In connection with the signing of the main sponsorship agreement for the Arctic Winter Games 2023, the parties agreed to start planning for the Greenland Championships 2023 and the Arctic Winter Games 2024. This was also a theme at the Sports Event Seminar organised by the Naalakkersuisoq for Education, Culture, Sport and Church in cooperation with the Greenland Sports Federation in May this year.


- In the aviation industry, we plan well in advance so that customers can plan their travel. Especially in these years of increased demand, it is important that we know where, when and how many will be attending the championships, so we can reserve the seats and provide better prices that benefit the clubs. By providing a cheaper travel budget well in advance, volunteers' time can be spent on coaching and board work instead of fundraising, says Henrik Søe.


The Greenland Sports Confederation has been in regular contact with all nine specialty federations, most of which have submitted their plans for various national conferences in 2023.
- We are of course pleased that we have already managed to provide most of the dates for next year's national championships. In this way, Air Greenland can plan the travel, while the Greenland Sports Federation assists the clubs in further planning, including informing all municipalities in order to get accommodation and use of various sports facilities for the athletes, says Nuka Kleemann.


Both parties agreed to meet again soon to start planning the Arctic Winter Games 2024 together with the Championships for 2024.