Air Greenlands management and board

Air Greenland is a public limited company, 100% owned by the Greenland Self-Government.


Air Greenland's management consists of six items. The company's executive board includes the CEO, CFO, commercial director, technical director, director of aircraft operations and director of HR.


The Board of Directors hires the CEO, who hires for the remaining five directorships.

The board also consists of nine posts, where six of the members are appointed by the Greenland Self-Government, and three are appointed by the employees.


The Board of Directors is appointed annually at an ordinary general meeting.

Jacob Nitter Sørensen (5)


Jacob Nitter Sørensen

Mogens E. Jensen
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Jørn E. Rasmussen
Technical Director

Henrik Bjørner Søe
CCO (Chief Commercial Director)

Mads B. Christensen
HR Director

John R. M. Nielsen
Director Flight Operations


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Bodil Marie Damgaard (5)

Bodil Marie Damgaard

Chairwoman of the Board. Appointed by the Government of Greenland in 2020. Member of the board since 2016.

Profession and board positions
CAO (Chief Administration Officer), Greenland Holding (2020)

Educational background
Master of Arts in Communication Studies from Roskilde University
Bachelor degree in Business Studies

Skills and experience
Communication, marketing, HR, management and strategy

G65A2046 Edit (2)

Steen Jensen

Vice chair (2020). Appointed by the Government of Greenland in 2019

Business and board positions
Lawyer and partner, Bech-Bruun
Board member, Ikano Property FE A / S

Educational background
LLM, University of London
Cand.jur., University of Copenhagen

Competencies and experience
Stock exchange and capital market, financing, regulatory matters, company law, strategy and good corporate governance

G65A2081 Edit (2)

Malik Hegelund Olsen

Board member. Appointed by the Government of Greenland in 2019

Profession and board positions
Head of Sales, Royal Greenland A/S (2014)
Board member, Kofoed School Nuuk
Employee-elected member of the board, Royal Greenland A/S

Educational background
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – Organisation, University of Greenland
Production engineer, Copenhagen University College of Engineering

Skills and experience
Economic exploitation, personnel management, project management

G65A2083 Edit (2)

Anette Grønkjær Lings

Profession and board positions
Business owner and manager, Hotel Sisimiut Aps
Chairman Visit Greenland A/S
Chairman, Arctic Circle Business

Educational background
Diploma in Business Administration

Skills and experience
Management, strategy, destination development and hospitality, marketing

Bestyrelse Charlotte Pedersen

Charlotte Pedersen

Profession and board positions
Business owner Pegasus Consilium SarL
Chairmember and Committee Chairman Wizz Air Holdings Plc.
Chairmember AlphaTrains Group SarL

Educational background
Certified International Director, INSEAD and ILA
Master of Business Administration MBA
Officer and Pilot in the Air Force

Skills and experience
Management, strategy, international business development, ESG, risk and crisis management and hospitality

G65A2095 Edit (2)

Johannes Groth

Profession and board positions
Wholesale manager, KNI A/S
Board member, Nuummi Illorsuit Timersortarfiit (NIT)

Educational background
Certificied coach
Sportigan Silkeborg / Odder business school, specializing in sports and leisure
Silkeborg Business College
HG Ikast Business Scholl

G65A2133 Edit (3)

Henrik Maule Steinbacher

Employee-elected since 2013

Pilot, Dash 8 (1997)
Flight instructor (2004)

Educational background
Pilot (1997)

Skills and experience
Management and strategy, aviation, engineering

G65A2055 Edit (2)

Claus Motzfeldt

Employee-elected since 2017

(Employee-elected 2005-2014)

Chief Mechanic (1996)

Educational background
Flight mechanic, Civil Aviation School in Dragør

Skills and experience
Engineering, aviation, management and charter

G65A2035 Edit (2)

Tina Chemnitz

Profession and board positions
Logistic Manager, Air Greenland (2008)
Purchasing dept, Air Greenland (1998)

Educational background
Diploma management education
Project Management, IPMA D certified

Skills and experience
Leadership, airline, LEAN, budgeting, negotiations, transport and logistics.

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