Air Greenland
is the flag carrier airline of Greenland

Greenland’s national airline Grønlandsfly was founded in 1960. The company changed its name to Air Greenland in 2002 and has undergone rapid development during the last 50 years: From seaplanes to jet planes; and from helicopter services to scheduled services with fixed-wing aircraft. Then, as now, Air Greenland operates in Arctic airspace, which presents a unique range of challenges.




Air Greenland’s identity and development potential are based on a number of visions that make up a crucial foundation for our day-to-day activities.


Our mission is to make Greenland accessible.


We will develop our traffic system where it generates value for our customers and Air Greenland. We will attract and develop the right employees. We are conscious of our social responsibility and take this responsibility very seriously.


Air Greenland is working with a strategic plan called Qarsoq 2017, which is based on the values that were adopted in the previous strategic plan, Qarsoq 2012:

  • Commercial logic
  • Accessible service
  • Mutual problem-solving
  • Respectful openness