Cargo info

Cargo Door Dimension

AirBus 330-200
Aft Cargo door Opening 2.44 m W x 1.68 m H


Forward Cargo Door 2.44 m W x 1.69 m H




Cargo DOOR 1.25 m W x 1.34 m H




Door 1.20 m W x 1.15 m H

Refrigerator/Freezer capacity overview per station

Refrigerator/Freezer facilities for handling refrigerated and frozen goods are available in Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat, Narsarsuaq and Nuuk.


The freezer/refrigerator capacity of the other stations may be limited.
Therefore, it may be a good idea to check if the station has room to store your goods until it can go on the aircraft or agree when the goods can be best dropped off to the station.


Please contact Air Greenland for precise details on large shipments.

Special shipments

Contact your freight forwarder if there are special shipments

  • Dangerous Goods (DG)
  • Live Animals (AVI)
  • Coffins (HUM)

Transport insurance (INC FEE)

You can choose to take out transport insurance when dropping off your goods to the station. This must be stated when you drop off your shipment by providing an insurance sum for the total value of the shipment.


An insurance fee is charged on the consignment note as a percentage of the stated insurance amount, however, with a fixed minimum amount of DKK 100.


Art/paintings/antiques must, of course, be properly packaged for transport before they can be accepted. Insurance cannot be taken out on consignment notes where the contents are art, paintings or antiques.

Customs - Greenland and Denmark

Remember to make sure that documents, the manifest, invoice and more are included with the shipment. These must be used for registration with the customs authorities in Greenland and Denmark EU.


Find more information Greenland Customs: http://aka.gl/da


For further information, please contact tax@nanoq.gl or Telephone (299) 34 50 00


Find more information Danish Customs: http://www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx

Weapons and Ammunition

Approval for flights with weapons, explosives, and ammunition with civil aircraft must follow the AWB Transport document.


The Danish Transport and Construction Agency
Safety Inspection Department
Ellebjergvej 50
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV.


Find more information: http://www.trafikstyrelsen.dk/da.aspx


Shipments must always be prepared or packed so that transport can be carried out by normal care when handling without damage.


Any contents susceptible to damage during normal handling must be adequately protected by proper inner and outer packaging and must be marked or have appropriate labels attached.


Each shipment must be clearly marked with the name and address of the sender and recipient.


Greenlandic handicrafts: Carvings and material for carving, including but not limited to bone, antlers, tusks, soapstone and/or any other form of Greenland’s handicrafts products. Can only be sent through a freight forwarder as these cannot be insured with Air Greenland.


Live animals from and to Denmark can only be sent through a freight forwarder.


Narwhal tusks may only be sent in wooden boxes specially built for them with proper internal protection for transport so that they are not subject to any overload (only allowed in Greenland).

Dangerous goods

Certain items such as flammable liquids, firearms, chemicals and the like are subject to special procedures with packing and handling rules, or they may be prohibited onboard our aircraft. When you sign the Air Waybill transport document, you confirm that the shipment does not contain dangerous goods or restricted items. If in doubt, ask your air freight forwarder or at one of our freight terminals along with a datasheet from the supplier of the product.


Right to refuse shipments

Air Greenland reserves the right to refuse the transport of goods considered dangerous, inadequately packed or which may cause discomfort or inconvenience to our passengers.

Conditions of contract IATA AWB

Is placed at the back of the AWB Transport document