Igloo lodge

Whether you seek exhilarating adventures or a peaceful retreat, this Arctic sanctuary offers a gateway to both the outer and inner realms. So come, immerse yourself in the extraordinary, and let Igloo Lodge ignite the spark of inspiration within you.

A night under the northern lights

The construction of an igloo is a labor of love and an art form passed down through Inuit generations. With nothing more than their bare hands and the abundant snow and ice at their disposal, they fashioned shelters that provided warmth, protection, and a sanctuary amidst the harshest of conditions.


As you settle into your own personal igloo, take a moment to reflect on the legacy of the Inuit people. Honor their remarkable ability to thrive in one of the world's harshest environments, and let their story inspire you to embrace resilience, resourcefulness, and the timeless wisdom found in harmony with nature.


While we celebrate the unique experience of staying in an igloo, we understand that extreme weather conditions can occasionally challenge even the most intrepid explorers. If the Arctic cold becomes too intense, rest assured that the cozy cabin is available as an alternative. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide and assist you, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your stay.

Adventures far away from civilization

At Igloo Lodge, extraordinary tours offer glimpses into the raw beauty, rich culture, and thrilling adventures that await in Greenland's frozen realm. Choose your path and let the Arctic landscape unfold its secrets and leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.


The cabin, thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, provides a cozy haven where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. Equipped with modern amenities, comfortable seating, and panoramic windows, the cabin offers an inviting space to curl up with a good book, engage in meaningful conversations with fellow adventurers, or simply take in the breathtaking views of the Arctic wilderness.


Igloo Lodge is only a cozy snowcat ride away from Ilulissat.

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Dogsledding in Ilulissat

Among other things, we can recommend a two-day dogsled trip to the dead glacier. The trip runs from Ilulissat, out over Akinnaq to Nallurasuk, from where there’s a view of the glacier. The sled then flies over the thick ice between the icebergs. Need we say more?

Can you go dogsledding anywhere in Greenland?

It is possible to ride a dog sled north of the Arctic Circle. Some of the easiest towns to get to on the west coast are Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. If you want to experience the east coast of Greenland, then you should go to Tasiilaq and Kulusuk.

You can find the destination in Greenland that suits you best here, and book a plane ticket for an experience of a lifetime


The word "igloo" comes from the greenlandic word "iglu", which means house

Igloo Lodge is World Of Greenlands first winter lodge

The trip to Igloo Lodge is done by riding the Piste machines

You can buy additional experiences at the Igloo Lodge, such as a dogsled ride to the location, or snowshoeing around the Unesco site

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Igloo Lodges Near Ilulissat From Above. Photo Erick Lee Visit Greenland

World of Greenland

World of Greenland is a Greenlandic tourist operator based in Ilulissat. From here we offer a wide catalog of land, sea, and air based excursions, year round.
In addition to experiences in Ilulissat, World of Greenland owns and operates unique lodges in Disko Bay, including Glacier Lodge Eqi, Ilimanaq Lodge and Igloo Lodge.
World of Greenland is driven by delivering great experiences to the quality-conscious traveller.

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Arctic Excursions

Arctic Excursions is a part of Greenland Travel. We have Greenland in our DNA, and we are based in Nuuk and Copenhagen. Arctic Excursions is a platform for both large and small tour operators in Greenland, so that the tourism can benefit everyone. See the tour operators´ wide selection of tours on our website and get the experience of a lifetime.  

Airplane On Landing Lane In Paamiut. Photo Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Greenland Travel

Greenland Travel Agency offers adventure and business travel. To Greenland. In Greenland. And from Greenland. Their expertise and professionalism means that they can always offer products and solutions that suit every taste.

Albatros Touring Bus. Photo Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Albatros Arctic Circle

Albatros Arctic Circle is a locally based company that arranges tours in both Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

The touring program's long list includes inland ice musk oxen, whales, abandoned settlements, dog sleds, walks back in time and much more.

Hotel Soma Lav

Hotel SØMA

The sailors' home takes social responsibility in the city. They do this by supporting local initiatives on an ongoing basis and hosting a number of events themselves.

Here you can experience riding a dog sled

Greenland is full of surprises, beautiful landscapes and magnificent experiences. Find your next dream destination below.

Other experiences in Greenland

Welcome to the experiences of the other world. Where else can you find snow, ice, mountains, sea and whales close to green plains with potato fields? Go exploring for new exciting experiences right here.