The town has a superb location at the edge of Northeast Greenland National Park and close to Scoresby Sound, which is the world’s longest fjord. Up on the peak of the fell polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen looks out over the magnificent landscape; a fjord complex that attracts narwhals, walruses, seals and polar bears. The area also attracts sea birds, which breed in their millions.

We can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the wildlife undisturbed. Just ten to fifteen ships call at the port each season. In September, however, there’s life on the quay when several cruise ships discharge their passengers so that they’re able to enjoy the fantastic scenery.

If you wish to experience the area’s natural splendour even more closely, then go hunting with a local hunter. Head out to the edge of the ice with a loaded shotgun looking for the day’s prey – first and foremost seals. You’ll feel the rush of adrenalin pumping through your veins, although you’re sure to be in good hands.

Experiences in Ittoqqortoormiit

National Park

The town lies in a remote location a long way to the north. It’s a busy, unspoilt community with hospitable inhabitants whose existence is based on hunting at the mouth of the fjord during summer and winter. North of the town is the National Park, which is not afraid to call itself the world’s greatest wilderness. The National Park is uninhabited, and only sporadically visited by researchers and the Sirius Patrol, which patrols the area on dogsled and by boat.

Culture prospers

Every Greenlandic town of any stature has a museum – and this is also true of Illoqqortoormiit. Historical costumes, tools and paintings provide the narrative of life in harsh conditions. Until just over 120 years ago the inhabitants lived isolated from the rest of the world. This has had a great influence on the local culture, which is rooted in legends and sagas.

Experiences in Ittoqqortoormiit

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Hvalrosbugten is a great destination that attracts both adults and children during the summer – and you’re welcome to go for a dip in the cold water.

The water bubbles and seethes in Greenland’s hottest spring, which lies around 12 km from the town in the settlement of Uunarteq. The temperature of the water is 62 degrees Celsius.

Illorqqortoormiit is the Greenlandic town that lies closest to Denmark.

Travelling to the National Park requires special permission from the former Dansk Polarcenter (now under the auspices of the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation).

It’s possible to go on a cruise to the National Park. Contact Greenland Travel and enjoy an experience that’s out of this world.

A Polar Bear Skin Hanging On A Rack In East Greenland To Dry And Become As White As Possible


Greenland’s smallest town

Formerly also known as Scoresbysund

Approx. 400 inhabitants

Founded in 1925

No settlement, but Nerleriit Inaat airport

In northeast Greenland at the border to the national park

Dried Cod Fish In Uummannaq. Photo Aningaaq R Carlsen Visit Greenland

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