Tasiilaq is the chief town in East Greenland, and one of just two towns on the east coast. The town lies on the large island of Ammassalik, 100 km south of the Arctic Circle.

The town has it all: calving glaciers, hunters, picturesque wooden houses and their characteristic spiked peaks. At the same time the island has fertile valleys with purling rivers and magnificent flora.

Experiences in Tasiilaq

Isolated until 1884

The first Europeans didn’t arrive in East Greenland until around 130 years ago. Until then the population lived in isolation in a never-ending struggle for food and clothes to provide warmth. Spirits, legends and sagas were a natural part of their everyday lives and this made its mark on traditions, art and culture – as indeed it still does today.

Get close to a society of hunters where old traditions are upheld. For example, a polar bear skin is not given to the person who kills the animal, but to the person who first spots it.

The town's nerve centre

The area around the harbour is the town’s nerve centre. During the summer the town’s pulse beats clearly when boats and dinghies set sail and return through the inlet. The mountains of Polheimsfjeld, Præstefjeld and Sømandsfjeld can all clearly be seen in good weather.

Isolated or not, when you visit Tasiilaq, you can get out your computer and write home to your family. The internet has also come to Tasiilaq, and computer games, communication in cyberspace and mobile phones are all commonplace.

Experiences in Tasiilaq

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The valley of flowers is full of lakes and waterfalls, each one bigger and more spectacular than the next.
The football pitch is marked out on stones and gravel, and games are fiercely competitive.
Soapstone figures, masks carved in wood and tupilaks of wood, bone, tooth and antlers. East Greenlandic arts & crafts are very popular.
Licence to drive a dogsled? In Tasiilaq it’s possible to obtain proof of one’s ability to control op to eight dogs and a sled.


East Greenland’s largest town

Formerly also known as Ammassalik

Approx. 2000 inhabitants

Founded in 1894

Have five settlements

On the island of Ammassalik in East Greenland

Skiers Climbing Towards Tasiilaq Mountain Hut In East Greenland

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