Ikerasak is a settlement on an island located south of Uummannaq. Its location offers plenty of fishing and hunting of seal, halibut, catfish, reindeer and musk ox all year round. You kan travel between Uummannaq and Ikerasak with Air Greenlands helicopter. 


Ikerasak has a nursing station. Patients with more serious conditions are flown/sailed to the hospital in Uummannaq
There are no roads in the settlement. The only forms of transportation are boats, snowmobiles and dogsleds
The church with 150 seats was founded in 1936


Ikerasak means 'healthy' in Greenlandic

The population is approx. 200

The danish actor Flemming Jensen was a school teacher here from 1973 to 1975

Puppies Lying Down In Field, Kulusuk. Photo Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen Visit Greenland

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