Gothenburg, a gem on the Swedish west coast, where history, culture and archipelago idyll combine in a unique harmony. Be enchanted by the city's diversity, vibrant streets and picturesque waterways. Here are some key sights that will make your trip unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in Gothenburg's architectural beauty by visiting Liseberg, one of Europe's most beloved amusement parks, where roller coasters and carousels create a festive atmosphere. Step into the fascinating universe of Universeum, an interactive science center that brings curiosity to life. Take a stroll along Avenyn, the city's main street, known for its shops, restaurants and lively atmosphere.

Explore the hidden gems that only the most adventurous discover. Visit Haga, a charming neighborhood with cobbled streets and antique shops. For an authentic taste experience, visit the Fish Church (Feskekôrka), a colorful fish market with fresh seafood. Take a leisurely day at Botaniska Trädgården, Gothenburg's botanical garden, and marvel at its lush beauty.

Experiences in Göteborg

Botaniska Trädgården

Gothenburg's botanical garden is an oasis of calm and beauty. Explore the many different plant species and relax in the scenic atmosphere.


Fish Church (Feskekôrka)

This fish church is actually a fish hall with impressive architecture and is the perfect place to sample fresh seafood.



A creative and bohemian area with unique shops, galleries and cafés. Take a stroll along the canals and experience the relaxed atmosphere.


One of Europe's most popular theme parks with rides, concerts and a party atmosphere. Ideal for families and those looking for entertainment.



An interactive science center and aquarium perfect for both children and adults. Explore the various exhibitions and learn about science and technology.


Gothenburg Opera House

This modern opera building on the waterfront offers a wide range of opera, ballet and concerts. The building's architecture and location make it a remarkable sight.


Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf

Gothenburg has a number of canals and waterways, earning the city the nickname "Sweden's Venice"

Gothenburg is home to Volvo, one of Sweden's most famous car manufacturers


Gothenburg hosts the annual Gothenburg Film Festival, which attracts film lovers from all over the world

Göteborg har en smuk skærgård bestående af omkring 20.000 øer og holme, der tilbyder fantastiske naturoplevelser og sommerlige udflugtsmuligheder

Gothenburg is the center of Swedish innovation and technology and home to Chalmers University of Technology

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